The 131 Black Men Murdered by Black Lives Matter

Obama cheers on the country’s greatest force killing black people.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on Islamic terrorism and the radical left.

Black Lives Matter was called into being to protest what the racist hate group claimed was the killings of black men by police.  Activists with the extremist organization have accused law enforcement of genocide. According to a study widely touted by activists, 300 black people were shot by police in 2015.

That same year 320 black people became homicide victims in Baltimore alone.

In 2014, 189 died. And then Baltimore came under assault from Black Lives Matter over the Freddie Case leading to riots and the Ferguson Effect crippling law enforcement efforts. The police became the villains. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake offered the racist rioters and looters space to destroy. Along with the businesses and sense of security, here is what else was destroyed.

An additional 131 black men died in 2015 in Baltimore. 16 black women were murdered in both 2014 and 2015. The huge increase came at the expense of black men. The biggest bump in homicides, 49 to 99, happened among young black men aged 18 to 25. This year’s incomplete toll already stands at 68.

The second biggest increase marked black men aged 26 to 34 whose death toll rose from 60 to 108.

277 black men were shot in 2015. Up from 141 in 2014. Shootings overall in Baltimore rose 72%.

These are the same black men that Black Lives Matter and its torrent of shrill supporters claim to care about.

They didn’t die because of the police. They didn’t die because of racism. They died because of Black Lives Matter. Their story will never be told because the accomplices of their killers are the ones telling it.

The Black Lives Matter exploitation of Freddie Gray’s accidental death led to a major spike in murders the next month. How many black lives did Black Lives Matter claim as opposed to the police officers they were protesting?

According to an ACLU report, 75 black people were killed in encounters with police in four years across the entire State of Maryland. Only 31 people in total, of all races, were killed in police encounters in Baltimore City throughout those four years.

Black Lives Matter’s incitement and hatred claimed more black lives in one city in one year than police officers across the entire state did in four years.  The racist hate group ended up costing four times more black lives in one year than the total number of people killed by police in Baltimore City in four years.

Black Lives Matter has killed far more black people than the police forces that the hate group attacks.

Police officers save lives. Black Lives Matter takes them. The arrests that the hate group denounces as “racist” are actually saving the lives of young black men. When the arrests fell, the murders rose.

The Ferguson Effect isn’t just bad for police. It’s a death warrant for young black men.

In Chicago, shootings involving police fell while homicides soared. Shootings involving police fell by nearly half from 2014 to 2015. Meanwhile the murder rate shot up dramatically and took many times the numbers of lives that made up the difference.

Police shootings in 2016 are as low as they’ve been in a long time. And the murder rate is higher than ever before the year is even through. 471 black people were murdered in Chicago this year. That’s up from 401 last year and 353 from 2014.

You can see the history of Black Lives Matter written in the blood of black people.  

Between Baltimore and Chicago, Black Lives Matter has accounted for the deaths of over 200 black people. That’s quite a performance for an organization that claims to value black lives.

It’s not just a local accomplishment, but a national one. The national murder rate is expected to rise 13% mostly because of Chicago. The Windy City is responsible for almost half the national hike in homicides.

Police stops in Chicago fell 90% in response to left-wing pressure and murders rose 95%. Every 2 hours and change, someone is shot in Chicago. Without the police on the job, murderers roam free.

Black Lives Matter insists that it’s determined to change the country and the lives of black people. It’s certainly doing that. Chicago is more of a war zone than ever and Baltimore’s success story is in the past. The cemeteries are filled with young black men who died because the racist hate group declared a war on police. Its war hasn’t only claimed the lives of police officers murdered by Black Lives Matter supporters like Micah X. Johnson, but it has taken more black lives than any number of police officers.

Black Lives Matter isn’t saving black lives, it’s taking black lives. Obama and his media allies are cheering on the country’s greatest force killing black people.

If you want to know whom black lives truly matter to, consider which group was the biggest beneficiary of the drop in murder rates in major cities from the thousands to the hundreds.

In the seventies, the New York City murder rate nudged 2,000 and the Chicago murder rate approached 1,000. Slashing those murder rates through programs that were denounced as racist saved the lives of thousands of black people. Some of the very Black Lives Matter activists protesting the police are only alive today because their parents weren’t shot to death on some street corner or in some alleyway.

They are alive to threaten and scream at the police, and incite violence against them, because of the sacrifices that police officers have made on their ungrateful behalf.

Police officers save thousands of black lives every year. Police officers, white and black, risk their lives every day to save black lives and to protect and preserve black communities.

In Baltimore and Chicago, Black Lives Matter has shown us that the alternative to police is the cemetery.

The media portrays officers as taking black lives while Black Lives Matter fights for black lives.  But in reality, police officers save black lives while Black Lives Matter takes black lives.