2020 Vision

The dawn of a new conservative era – but only if we have voter integrity.

President Trump has cut taxes, slashed regulations, boosted the U.S. economy, kept his promise to “bomb the shit out of ISIS,” and put “Rocket Man” Kim Jong-un in his place. The president tweets about fake news, such as the Russia collusion story, and also targets fake Indians such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and fake Vietnam veterans such as Sen. Richard Blumenthal. With all that and more going on, it’s easy to forget that few observers gave Donald Trump any chance of winning.  

As Gerard Lameiro notes in his new book More Great News for America: The Dawning of the New Conservative Era (How and Why the Good Guys Win in the End!), a Monmouth poll on October 17, 2016 had Hillary Clinton ahead 50-38 and a November 7 poll put Hillary Clinton ahead 47-43. Lameiro, a talk radio host, was going the other way.

“I separately and accurately predicted a Trump victory long before most pollsters and pundits gave Trump even a small chance of winning the presidential election,” Lameiro explains. After careful study of elections going back more than 100 years, Lameiro correctly predicted every state Trump carried, including Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. So voters have good cause to take seriously his prediction that “Donald Trump will be elected president in 2020 with a greater percentage of the popular vote and a greater Electoral College margin than in 2016.”

As Lameiro sees it, the Electoral College favors heartland America over coastal America. Voters no longer accept socialist narratives at face value and remain skeptical of fake news. Voters also increasingly ignore polls and More Great News for America is informative about oversampling, weighting and such.

As in past elections, a new “mainstream media” is on the rise through the internet. The moral outrage of the people challenges the abandonment of our founding documents, cronyism corruption and the intoxication of power. Trump will be able to appoint conservative judges, and that will help the bedrock principles of morality, freedom, peace and prosperity. So American will survive and remain free, the good guys – the American people – will win, and a new conservative era awaits.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” writes Lameiro, who also raises a note of caution. He charts the “isms of failure,” primarily socialism, and “only through force and/or deception can they hold on to power.” Both those dynamics are still in play, big time. 

Lameiro recognizes the attempt to impeach Trump as a “last desperate attempt to regain power.” With recent statements of how she “won” key areas, Hillary Clinton is talking to her insurance agent Robert Mueller. The former FBI boss has nothing on Trump but he leads his squad of Clinton cronies in an attempt to force the president from office.

If the momentum of 2016 is to continue, Lameiro sees voter integrity and voter ID as absolutely necessary. The voter-fraud problem is now getting worse as pro-illegal Democrats mount a surge.

California has given drivers licenses to more than one million illegals and the state now issues about 10,000 licenses to illegals every month. This spring, California will begin automatically registering to vote adults who obtain or renew a driver’s license. So illegals will be voting en masse, with the blessing of California politicians who refuse to release voter records, fine employers for cooperating with federal officials, protect violent criminals from deportation, and appoint illegals to statewide positions

This imported electorate is doubtless the reason a state that twice voted for Reagan and passed conservative measures such as Propositions 209 and 63 now inclines to Hillary Clinton. The optimistic Lameiro, who worked on Reagan’s campaigns in 1976 and 1980, wants to tighten visa policy and restrict the ability of illegal immigrants to cash checks. Border control and voter ID are also key but the feds can do more.  

A recent investigation by State Department Diplomatic Security Service revealed that Gustavo Araujo Lerma, 62, used the passport of a deceased U.S. citizen to gain U.S. residency and vote in federal, state and local elections. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo should have the Security Service cross-check every passport application with birth and death records over the past 50 years. This will show how many false-documented illegals are voting in federal, state and local elections, and could even turn up candidates who are not supposed to be in the country.

In Lameiro’s vision, party alignments could change. The “old mainstream media” can merge with the Democrats, Greens and Socialists to form the Democratic Socialist Party, or they can shut down like the Whigs. For their part, the RINOs could form the Republican Progressive Party.

“If a conservative Republican had been nominated rather than Romney in 2012,” Lameiro believes, “Obama would likely have suffered an electoral defeat.”  Readers might recall that in 2012 Romney had ample evidence of POTUS 44’s fakery but held off and in 2016 called Donald Trump a “fraud” and a “phony.

Trump tagged Romney a “failed candidate,” and also “a total stiff. He’s a dope.” And as Trump later explained to all the candidates, “I’m president and they’re not.” Absent force or fraud, it could all happen again in 2020.