9-11 Conspiracy Theorist Hits the Road

Truther-philosopher David Ray Griffin aims to mainstream the "9-11 Truth Movement"

Infamous 9-11 conspiracy theorist David Ray Griffin, whose books insist the Bush Administration and not al Qaeda blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, is launching a speaking tour this week to help merge the “9-11 Truth Movement” with “more traditional Peace and Anti-War groups” against the “illegal and immoral war” in Afghanistan.

The tour also presages Griffin’s next book, Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee’s Plan to Undermine the 911 Conspiracy Theory. This volume will make much hay over an Obama White House official’s article in 2008 as a Harvard law professor, suggesting that the government actively rebut conspiracy theories by networking on social websites.

Griffin is a philosopher emeritus at the United Methodist Church’s Claremont Seminary in California and espouses “process theology,” which asserts that God is constantly evolving. His Center for Process Studies is located at Claremont. Process theology also posits that history has no destination and that good and evil, often manifest through endless conspiracies transcending generations, are perpetually in conflict, since even God lacks full authority.

Prodigiously, Griffin has been churning out 9-11 conspiracy books since 2004, asserting that U.S. agencies contrived a false flag terrorist attack through controlled demolitions. His first conspiracy potboiler was The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 911. Griffin believes that U.S. history is primarily a long catalogue of conspiracies across two centuries to facilitate American imperialism and aggression. Griffin faults the United States for killing hundreds of millions of people globally through its economic, military and environmental crimes, making the U.S. more murderous than the old Soviet Empire or the Third Reich.

It’s a heavy burden for Griffin to reveal the largely hidden truth about an endlessly genocidal America, when the cover-up, involving hundreds of thousands of conspirators across many generations has been so successful. But Griffin, a distinguished looking white haired man with a calm and measured demeanor in his public appearances, is persevering with his prolific writing and frequent speeches. His latest speaking tour starts April 23 at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and will take him to 14 other American and Canadian universities, churches and community centers, where eager truth seekers will gather for Griffin to unwrap the long hidden truth.

“The physical evidence is so strong for the destruction of the World Trade Center by explosives that we’re really on level of truth now not conjecture,” Griffin calmly reported on a recent English language Russian cable network, citing “massive evidence compiled by scientists, architects and engineers.” There is simply “no other possibility” but “massive scientific fraud,” he declared. Of the innumerable conspirators, he surmised: “They lied and they lied and they lied.”

Why did the Bush Administration stage 9-11? Griffin carefully explained to his Russian cable broadcast interviewer: “It’s an extreme example of something imperialistic governments have done for a very long time,” i.e. “false flag operations.” He expounded: “You attack your own people, you blame another country that you already have reasons to attack. Hitler did this in Poland. Japan did it in Manchuria. Our government did it planting evidence that these attacks were carried out by members of al Qaeda.”

In a conference call earlier this year, Griffin explained he favors the end of nation states in favor of “global democracy.” Under this new international regime, “We could get rid of war. We don’t have money for health care or ecological crisis. Take money out of the system and militarism out of the system.”

Meanwhile, until “global democracy” is attained, Griffin must crusade against the “propaganda machine that we call the Pentagon and mainstream media,” which is “so powerful and so influential particularly on people who haven’t had the kind of education that armors them against this.” His obstacle is that a “large percentage of people…are so brainwashed that they cannot see the obvious.”

This week, in a 4600 word dissertation on www.911truth.org, Griffin verbosely responded to my own Institute on Religion and Democracy’s critique of him. “Was the Bush administration too moral?” he sarcastically asked of our doubts that Bush appointees and law enforcement blew up the World Trade Center and Pentagon. As evidence of the “Bush-Cheney White House” depravity, Griffin cited “lies” about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and about air quality at the post-11 World Trade Center site.

He triumphantly queried: “Given these facts, why would the IRD consider it self-evident that the Bush administration could not have orchestrated 911?”

As proof of his own scholarly legitimacy, Griffin heralded ostensible endorsements from former Minnesota Governor and wrestler Jesse Ventura, some of the “Jersey Girls’ 9-11 widows,” and one member of the Japanese senate. Griffin asked rhetorically: “Does IRD believe that such people endorse silly books?”

In contrast with IRD’s “business of issuing propaganda,” Griffin celebrated that the “9/11 Truth Movement, by contrast, [has] provided evidence – an enormous amount of evidence, in fact – showing that the official conspiracy theory [that al Qaeda did it] is simply not believable.” Indeed, “the weight of expert opinion – among people in the relevant professions who have examined the evidence and are not dependent upon the government for their livelihood – is almost entirely on the side of the 911 Truth Movement.”

What a lonely battle it must be for Griffin and other 9-11 conspiracy theorists to champion their dark “truth” of fathomless duplicity against a “brainwashed” world enslaved by Pentagon propaganda. Maybe a deity more powerful than Griffin’s brand of process theology permits will extend him grace and remind him that even evil has its limits.