Actor Jesse Williams’ BET Awards Blame-Whitey Rant

Who's really dividing and impoverishing American blacks?

What would black celebrities like Jesse Williams and Al Sharpton do without their grievances against white people?  Well, they’d actually have to start telling blacks to take personal responsibility for their lives instead of blaming “the system built to divide and impoverish and destroy us.”

My first reaction to the rich, black actor Jesse Williams’ acceptance speech for his Humanitarian Award at the BET Awards was a massive eye-roll. Sadly, Williams decided to riff on the same, old, hackneyed “black LIES” that racist cops are killing blacks en masse.

Ticking off the tragic deaths of Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and Eric Garner, Williams declared that it isn’t “better to live in 2012 than it is to live in 1612 or 1712” because today’s racist police officers are akin to slave masters indiscriminately killing blacks. Williams continued in his screed against White America, declaring that blacks aren’t really “free.”

The last time I looked, blacks aren’t owned by whites and walking around in chains, unless you count the Democrat Party owning the black vote for the last half century and delivering nothing but misery to blacks in return. And in 2016, blacks aren’t being sold as property, lynched, raped or whipped to death by slave owners and plantation overseers like they were in 1612.

Apart from the isolated cases that Williams cited, the hard truth is that blacks are being killed in altercations with police and are being incarcerated at a higher rate than any group because blacks are committing more crime. Murders with guns are the number one cause of death for black men between the ages of 15-34.

“In 2012, of the 6,565 black homicide victims, 87 percent were male. So there actually is a disgraceful epidemic of murders of black men. But they’re not being perpetrated by the police, racists, or white people in general. More than 90% of these homicides of black victims are committed by black criminals.” I write in my book Con Job.

Case in point: late Tuesday afternoon in Washington, DC, about six young black men, dressed identically in gray hoodies covering their faces and black pants, robbed a Saks Fifth Avenue store. They descended on the store and within minutes grabbed merchandise, running up Wisconsin Avenue into traffic to escape police. They wore hoodies not because they wanted to express their freedom to dress as they wished. No, these black thugs wore hoodies to cover their faces so that no witnesses could identify them.

Did I miss the part in Williams’ speech where he talks about the black genocide that blacks are perpetuating on each other with guns in Chicago? The “struggle” is real in Chicago bruh! Over 60 people were shot during Memorial Day weekend. Strange that Williams didn’t mention their freedom being stolen. Is it because their lives didn’t matter because they weren’t killed by white police officers?

“And we’re done watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us, burying black people out of site and out of mind,” continued Williams in his attack against Whitey.

If Williams means this, he needs to ask his black brethren to stop voting for the Democratic Party. All the ills that Williams alleges are destroying blacks – like crime, poverty and “ghettoizing and demeaning our creations” – are perpetuated by Democratic policies. By patronizing blacks with welfare programs and blaming their problems of out of control illegitimate birthrates and violent crime on Whitey, these paternalistic polices keep blacks victimized and beholden like junkies to the Democrat Party. After every election cycle, Democrats, like Obama and soon Hillary Clinton, “bury black people out of sight.”

Empirical reality demonstrates that it is the Democratic Party that is the racist “system built [on black lies] to divide and destroy” blacks. And blacks have allowed it by voting for this “system” for more than a half century.

Democrats, self-appointed black leaders and celebrities have been telling blacks for too long that the cure for their problems is to shift blame to Whitey. While Williams ranted that he was sick and tired of whites doing this and that to blacks, at the end of his speech he demanded whites give him freedom.

“We want it now.”

Isn’t that the problem? Since 1964, blacks have been free. When will blacks take responsibility for their own destinies and stop asking whites to give it to them?