Ann Coulter Hits Back

Threatens Human Rights complaint.

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I could have told you this would happen if you ever got Ezra Levant and Ann Coulter in the same room together.

In response to that embarrassing, vaguely threatening message she got from that tax-teat sucking Canadian academic before she even set foot in the country, Ann Coulter announced recently that she is considering — you guessed it — filing a “Human Rights” Commission complaint against known Frenchman Francoise Houle (his real name).

At her first ever speech at a Canadian university (which I attended, of course), she told the sold-out crowd of (mostly) supporters, tongue firmly in cheek, that she was going to take her cue from all those other friviolous, professionally “offended” complainants who’ve made Canada the laughing stock of the world, and charge Houle with violating her “rights” as part of an “identifiable group.”

Of course, the definition of “identifiable group” most assuredly does not include “white, Christian conservatives” — as white Christian conservatives have discovered when they’ve tried to file Human Rights complaints against anti-Catholic homosexual activists and so forth.

I think Coulter should claim “American” as her “identifiable group.” After all, in Canada, Americans are the only people you are allowed, and encouraged, to viciously insult at willeven on, _especiall_y on, 911, with the encouragement of our tax-payer funded national broadcaster, no less.

Such a cause celebre might force my fellow citizens to confront this poisonous little habit of theirs once and for all.

And naturally, we all hope Coulter will hire Ezra Levant as her lawyer. He was more or less forced to become Canada’s leading expert on our censorious, politically correct kangaroo courts, when he fought them — and (900 days and $100,000 later) won.