Anti-Israel BDS Jobs Available In Chicago & Los Angeles

A lucrative career awaits in the Israel hatred industry.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2015/02/BDS.jpg)Those who support the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel, which seeks to delegitimize the State of Israel, have well-paying jobs available in Chicago and Los Angeles.

On the website of the New Israel Fund (NIF), one can find numerous job openings – as well as clear as day messaging, “NIF will thus not exclude support for organizations that discourage the purchase of goods or use of services from settlements.”  As is clear by reading in numerous op-eds, the New Israel Fund opposes trade with the “settlements.”  These areas are part of Israel – hence, that would be called a boycott.

This month, NIF funded organizations signed a petition calling on European countries to boycott products from the settlements, to restrict the entry of settlers and to restrict academic cooperation:

We call on you to: Not only label settlement products produced in violation of international law, but as we do ourselves, to also boycott them;  To restrict the entry of violent settlers to EU countries, with priority and attention on Israeli politicians living in settlements in violation of international law, and inciting the public to violence and racism; To condition any economic and academic cooperation with Israel with adherence to international law; To instruct European companies to respect international law, and to take legal measures against European companies operating in violation of international law in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Those who want to help harm Israel can do so in Los Angeles and Chicago, whether in LA as a development associate, where the job includes “managing logistics for local events,” or in Chicago, where a regional director is sought to, as the job description states, work to “strengthen NIF’s presence in the Chicago area.” Prominent donors in these areas include the Irving Harris Foundation (restaurateur Danny Meyer’s grandfather), the Leichtag Foundation, Irwin & Joan Jacobs and the Edith and Henry Everett Foundation.

At the 2014 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised actress Scarlett Johansson for her decision to continue representing Israeli carbonated beverage company SodaStream, which is located across the Green line.  Johansson stepped down as a global ambassador for the human rights group Oxfam International, which had criticized her for serving as pitch woman for SodaStream – and was applauded throughout the Jewish world.

Sadly, there are still supporters of BDS in the Jewish community.  Shockingly, the President of UJA-Federation, Alisa Doctoroff is a major donor according to the 2011, 2012 and 2013 annual reports of the New Israel Fund.  So, too are numerous leaders of the JCRC major donors to New Israel Fund – hence the decision to allow the New Israel Fund to march in this year’s Israel Day Parade in New York, the largest annual gathering in North America for Israel.

There are many of us in the Jewish community who think Scarlett Johansson was right, yet it is shocking that Jewish leaders enable BDS organizations.

The New Israel Fund openly supports dozens of Israel-related causes, which are hostile to the Jewish State, and those who care about the safety of Israel must oppose BDS and NIF.

Those who support the New Israel Fund are the people Lenin spoke of when he called people who work against their people’s own best interests in support of their enemies “useful idiots.”

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