Attacks on Kavanaugh and Attacks on Due Process

The Democrats' war on the rule of law.

I have served as a juror on two different trials many years ago even though I was a law enforcement officer at the time.

The first case, back in the 1970’s involved a young man who was accused of selling narcotics to an undercover police officer.  The evidence was overwhelming, clear and convincing.  Needless to say all of the jurors found the defendant in that trial to be guilty of all charges.

About ten years later I was selected as a juror in a case involving an allegation of sexual assault.  The alleged victim was a young woman of about 20 years of age.  The accused appeared to be a tough character, perhaps the term “thug” best described him.  Therefore it was not hard to imagine that he may well have committed the crimes for which he was charged.  However, each of the witnesses called by the prosecutor provided totally divergent accounts of what purportedly had occurred.  There were major discrepancies about where the crime happened, how the witnesses found out about the alleged crime and how the victim conducted herself after she was supposedly attacked.  There were even discrepancies about the weather.  One witness said that it was a miserable and stormy day while another witness claimed the sun was shining brightly.

The verdict was easy to render:  Not Guilty.

Every member of the highly diverse jury felt good about our decision because we all believed in the system and in the presumption of innocence.  We left the courthouse that day satisfied that Justice had triumphed.

What both trials had in common was that the judges who presided over these two cases completed the process of charging the juries before deliberation, by making the clear and unequivocal point, that in all trials, the system was as much on trial as are the accused.  In other words, in a manner of speaking, the system is a co-defendant in every trial.

The other principle and a sacrosanct one at that, is that  all defendants enjoy an absolute presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Now we come to the travesty foisted on America by the Democrats at the confirmation hearing for Judge Kavanaugh.  

Judge Kavanaugh took his seat in front of the Judiciary Committee not as a defendant in a criminal proceeding who had been indicted and charged with committing a felony, but as a nominee to ascend to the highest court of the United States.

Nevertheless, Judge Kavanaugh was skewered by Democrats who have relentlessly attacked him despite his lifetime of achievement and commitment, not only to his profession but in his community. 

They viciously attacked him solely because he was nominated by President Trump.

Judge Kavanaugh is only the most recent official to be venomously attacked.  The radical Democrats have urged their “true believers” to attack members of the Trump administration and Republican politicians wherever they find them.  They have fostered an adversarial climate against attacked law enforcement officers, with tragic consequences as increasing numbers of law enforcement officers have been attacked, wounded and killed.

The Democrats howl about the need to end bullying but are the most virulent bullies to ever participate in the confirmation process for a Supreme Court Justice.

A person’s good name is his/her most valuable possession.  I still recall my last conversation with my own dad when I was 19 years old and he, at the age of 57, lay on his deathbed.  He had contracted lung cancer in part because his having worked in the Navy Shipyards during World War II, so that he could contribute to the war effort, his addiction to cigarettes certainly did not help. 

He made me promise I would take good care of our family name because he had made the very same promise to his father, that he would keep it unblemished- and indeed he did.

I have spent a lifetime carefully keeping my promise to my father.

That is just how important a good name is.

Yet, for Democrats, who don’t give a damn about anything but seizing political power, sullying a good man’s name is of no significance.  There is no cause for surprise- let’s not forget how the “leaders” of the Democratic party have vilified ICE agents who routinely go in harm’s way to arrest violent gang members, drug traffickers, child molesters and terrorists.

Consequently attacks on ICE agents and Border Patrol agents have greatly increased.

However, these very same Democrats take umbrage to the depiction of members of MS-13 as “Animals” by President Trump, while blithely ignoring how those savage sociopaths beat, rape and kill their victims who are, all too often children.  They use savage brutality to gain control over entire communities.  Meanwhile the Democrats have established “Sanctuary Cities” to shield illegal aliens and the criminals and potential terrorists among them, to achieve political objectives.

In point of fact, Sanctuary Cities Protect Crooked Employers And Human Traffickers.

For these contemptuous politicians, dead children and other victims are mere “speed bumps” on their rampage that they hope will return them to power in Washington.

Therefore it cannot come as a surprise that these same political misanthropes would make scandalous accusations about Judge Kavanaugh, causing immeasurable harm to him and to his family.  To his young daughters who properly look up to their father.  To his wife who must bear the burden of horrible unsubstantiated and likely bogus accusations.

All that Judge Kavanaugh did to trigger these merciless, scandalous and savage attacks was to accept the nomination from President Trump, thereby suffering “Guilt by association.”

The Democrats blame the Russians for the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.  They blame everyone and anyone for Trump’s triumph but refuse to look in their mirrors.

Rational and decent people who fail in an endeavor usually ponder what they did wrong or could have done better to have achieved the goal that they failed to achieve.  

Today’s Democrats are incapable of introspection or fairness.

My parents taught me that there are no mistakes, only lessons when we fail.  I was taught to accept my errors and make appropriate changes to turn mistakes into lessons.

However, when Democrats fail, they play a vicious version of  “The Blame Game.”

To say that they are sore losers, doesn’t do justice to their juvenile and pathological and, indeed, seditionist conduct.

Some time ago President Obama noted that “Elections have consequences.”

Indeed they do.  Obama inflicted his political agenda on the United States and, over time, enough American voters came to reject Obama’s policies as clearly evidenced in the outcome of the 2016 Presidential elections.

President Trump provided Americans with something that is all too rare in national politics, a real contrast between the two candidates.  Hillary would have represented a continuation of Obama’s failed globalist polices.

President Trump is the first President in decades to believe in national sovereignty.  

The democratic process provides the citizens with the ability to decide their own destiny by selecting the political candidates whose philosophies and goals are most acceptable.

Rational politicians would have seen the clear message delivered by the voters in 2016 and moved their party more towards the center.  Instead, the irrational and radical leaders of the Democratic party have veered off to the extreme left and, rather than listen to their critics, have become determined to attack, bully and intimidate their critics showing utter contempt for Americans and the Constitution.

The have become the Deconstructionist Party.

If the Democrats truly believed in the Constitution and the notions of Democracy and Freedom, after the 2016 elections they would have accepted that the American citizens were not buying what they were selling and would have altered the ideological trajectory of their party.

Instead, they have gone in the precise opposite direction.  They employ fascist and totalitarian tactics of intimidation to quell any opposition and by conning Americans about many issues.  Case in point, The Left’s Immigration Con Game.

Make no mistake, the entire American system is very much on trial today.  

The Constitution and with it our freedoms are under attack are are defendants in the modern-day witch trials.

Notions of “Social Justice” promoted by the radical Democratic Party threaten the foundation of the criminal justice system and theater the safety and security of every person in the United States.  Lady Justice is portrayed as wearing a blindfold to signify that justice must rendered dispassionately irrespective of the person who comes before the Bar of Justice.

That is what true equality is about.

This was the underlying principles that led to the enactment of our Civil Rights laws.

In his allegorical novel, Animal Farm, George Orwell included the quote famous, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

“Social Justice” would remove the blindfold and provide different definitions of “justice” depending on who is standing at the Bar of Justice.

“Safe Spaces” promoted vigorously by the radical Left on college campuses and elsewhere, are not be safe for anyone who disagrees with them.

They use Orwellian censorship to confound any honest and open conversation or debate guaranteed by the First Amendment of our Constitution.

Last year I wrote an article about how this now threatens the very foundation of our nation, Language Wars: The Road to Tyranny Is Paved with Language Censorship.

Today the unhinged radical Democrats are absolutely determined seize the reigns of political power, at any cost, to be able to decide who among us are “more equal.”

With Election Day rapidly approaching, there is a warning in the phrase, “Elections have consequences!”

Photo by Laurie Shaull