Ben Shapiro: The Myth or The True Story of Michael Brown, Gentle Giant

A Truth Revolt video.

Ben Shapiro exposes the truth behind the media-created myth of Gentle Giant Michael Brown, the unarmed teen gunned down in cold blood by a white racist cop for the crime of walking while black. Except that every part of that story is a lie. See the video and transcript below:


Everything you know about Michael Brown is a lie. The media, the politicians, the race-baiters - they all told you the story of the innocent young, unarmed black teen, the Gentle Giant, murdered in cold blood by a vicious white cop representing the evil establishment.

Al Sharpton, who is always first on the scene when a black person is killed by a white – or, in the case of St. Trayvon of the Blessed Hoodie, a white Hispanic – described Brown as a “gentle giant,” too. Over at Daily Kos, a writer described St. Michael as a “big guy who his family called their ‘Gentle Giant’…built to be a high school football player – direct from central casting – but Mike was too timid for the sport. According to friends and family, he had never been in a fight in his life.” CNN, The Daily Mail – all of them called him a “gentle giant.”

And the man who deprived the world of this “gentle giant” was, of course, Officer Darren Wilson.

Originally, we were told that Wilson shot Brown from behind, after pulling over the “gentle giant” for walking in the middle of the street – a situation President Obama would later term “walking while black.” Supposedly, Wilson pulled the 6’5”, 289-lb. Brown through his driver’s side window, but Brown escaped and ran away from this mad emissary of police brutality. Wilson then allegedly shot the fleeing Brown from behind, at which point Brown turned around, raised his hands in the universal sign of surrender, and perished in a hail of bullets.

Here’s the reality. All of this was a lie.

The first crack in the myth of St. Michael, the Gentle Giant, came in the form of a security tape, taken just minutes before the fatal confrontation with Officer Wilson.

According to police reports, the Gentle Giant, who had never been in a fight and was too timid to play football, grabbed a small attendant and slammed him into a display case. He also stole a box of Swisher Sweets, which are cheap cigars.

The next crack in the St. Michael story,  The New York Times reported that Michael Brown “was no angel.” The report explained that he “dabbled in drugs and alcohol” – which, presumably, is why he stole a cheap box of Swisher Sweets from that convenience store, since Swisher Sweets are routinely used to smoke pot. Indeed, Brown’s system was chock full of THC during the incident with Officer Wilson, the autopsy showed.

The New York Times report also explained that Brown “had taken to rapping in recent months, producing lyrics that were by turns contemplative and vulgar.”

Here’s a sampling of St. Michael’s music, culled by Gateway Pundit:

My favorite part is when that body hits the ground.

I soak em up like I’m wringing out a sponge

Talking down make me shoot off your whole tongue

The words of the blessed saint.

The media and politicians cried bloody murder when this information began to tarnish the candle-lit altar they’d built for St. Michael – just because St. Michael had strong-arm robbed a convenience store, done drugs, and cut some vile rap videos didn’t mean he deserved to be shot!

Which, of course, was true. But the rest of the mythical tale of the martyrdom of St. Michael began falling apart, as well.

Officer Wilson’s side of the story began to come out, in dribs and drabs: after pulling Brown over, Wilson said, Wilson tried to get out of his car – Brown shut the door on him, then pushed himself through the driver’s side window. He went for Wilson’s weapon, whereupon Wilson fired the gun in the vehicle. Brown ran. Wilson chased him. Brown then turned around and ran toward Wilson, whereupon Wilson shot him several times.

According to the Washington Post, “more than a half-dozen unnamed black witnesses have provided testimony…that supports Wilson’s account of the events….blood spatter analysis, shell casings and ballistics tests – also support Wilson’s account of the shooting, the Post sources said.”

Now, a new autopsy report revealed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch – the same newspaper that originally termed Brown a “Gentle Giant” – showed that Brown’s body had a “graze wound” on his thumb; the wound contained matter “consistent with products that are discharged from the barrel of a firearm.” That can only happen at close range – so close, in fact, that there was no stippling – a patterning of gunpowder that will not appear within an inch of the gun barrel. In other words, as San Francisco medical examiner Dr. Judy Melinek said, “this guy is reaching for the gun.”

The autopsy backs up the altercation at the car as well – Brown’s skin was found on the exterior of the vehicle.  CNN reports that blood from Michael Brown was found on Wilson’s uniform, police car, and gun.

The autopsy even gives shows that Brown was shot with his hands up. According to the autopsy report, the gunshot wound to St. Michael’s “upper dorsal right arm” demonstrated that the direction of the shot was “slightly upward, backward and leftward.” That means, according to Melinek, the shot “traveled from the back of the arm to the inner arm, which means Brown’s palms could not have been facing Wilson.”

The rage continues, of course, because facts don’t matter when myths have already taken root. Benjamin Crump, the Brown family lawyer - he was also the Martin family attorney - said that “family and supporters will not be persuaded by the autopsy report or eyewitness statements,” according to the Washington Post. And, of course, local politicians have pledged that the evidence won’t change anything.

Meanwhile, the disciples of Michael Brown pay tribute to his Gentle Giantness by fighting over how to capitalize on his supposed martyrdom. Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, reportedly got into a fight with Brown’s grandmother and cousin when she found them selling Michael Brown merchandise. The altercation ended, apparently, with another unnamed person hitting Brown’s cousin in the face with a pipe or pole, resulting in his hospitalization. The suspect then stole a box from the scene containing some $1,400.

But never mind – the legacy of Michael Brown, Gentle Giant, will go on. Another martyr has joined the Racial Testament. Another fake black mark on white racist police forces everywhere. And the left’s aggressive construction of the myth of St. Michael the Gentle Giant ensures that more young black men will see police as the enemy, that confrontations will escalate, and that the left will have many more future opportunities to add to their perverse canon.

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