Bernie's Free College Isn't Free

Bill Whittle's epic takedown of Sanders' con job on millennials.

Dear Millennials: College, like Health Care, isn’t free – it costs money. So who pays for it? YOU DO. Find out how in Bill Whittle’s latest Firewall.


Hi everybody. I’m Bill Whittle and this is the Firewall.

Bernie Sanders has bewitched a new generation of voting students by promising them free health care and free college.

So I’d like to address this brief video to you young people who are Bernie supporters and are in it for the free college. Can we just think this through for a minute? Please?

Let’s say Bernie Sanders gets elected, the Democrats run the table and now we have a socialist President and Congress and sure enough Bernie Sanders passes a bill that says that every American now gets free college.  

What does that mean?

Does it mean that the professors and coaches and administrators are going to come to work and not charge anybody? Is that what it means? Does it mean universities don’t have to pay telephone and internet and water charges and all the rest? Is that what it means? Does it mean that when the air conditioner comes on in a lecture hall, the school isn’t going to be billed for it? Is that what Free College means?

Because if it doesn’t mean that, then Free College is a non sequitur: a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement; non sequitur literally means “it doesn’t follow.”

So “free college” doesn’t mean what it says it means because college – like health care and houses and Xboxes and Ferraris – costs actual money. So it has to be paid for by somebody. You like it because it’s not going to be paid for by you. 


But if you get your free college and the result of that is that Bernie adds another $17 trillion to the already outstanding $20 trillion dollar debt – almost doubling it from Obama, who almost doubled it from the previous 43 Presidents going back 239 years to the signing of the Constitution – if Bernie doubles the debt to 37 thousand billion dollars – then who do you think will be paying high taxes for the rest of their lives to pay off that debt?

YOU ARE, you chumps! You will be paying about half of what you make, or more, for the rest of your entire lives in order to pay off that free college.

And the cost of that free college will skyrocket. Why? Because when setting tuition costs, universities know that there is no price that the Federal government cannot pay.

You look at the cost of tuition relative to inflation and cost of living adjustments, and you will see that tuition has skyrocketed. Why? Because we subsidize it, with government guaranteed student loans, that’s why, and whatever you subsidize you get more of.  

And finally, it means that you are going to spend the rest of your working lives paying for all the free stuff an economy that is barely growing now but which will certainly contract when Bernie’s 97% tax rate kicks in. Good luck finding a job in a market where employers are trying to figure out how few people they have to fire that year just to make ends meet.

Now, you may think that we don’t have to pay off that debt; that we as a nation can just default and make twenty or thirty thousand billion dollars just go away without any consequences.

The last time people completely lost confidence in the economy was called the Great Depression. People were eating out of garbage cans, and a lot of other people got by growing their own food because they lived on _farms. _Do _you_ live on a farm? Do you want to?

If this debt is not paid off, or grown out of, then your problem will not be finding a job with great pay, full benefits, free Uber and two hours of social media time per day. Your problem will be finding enough rats to eat with a stick roasting over a burning tire in the street.  

Now you probably think I’m just making all this gloom and doom up for comic effect. Well, Bernie Sanders has a wife named Jane Sanders, and Jane Sanders put Bernienomics to work when she took charge of Burlington College, where she ran up some debt, Bernie style. In the middle of May of 2016, Burlington College released a statement which read, in part, quote:

“Due to the crushing weight of debt, “ quote, “which is insurmountable at this time,” unquote, Burlington College, quote ”[will] have not met the Commission’s financial standard, and, therefore, our accreditation will be lifted as of January 2017, and the College will not be able to award academic credit after this time.”

IN 2010 Bernie’s wife, Jane Sanders took out a ten million dollar loan in Burlington’s name. They can’t pay it back. And now they will close. She left with a $200,000 bonus. And those victims of Bernie math will have to go find another college.

And if you vote for this, the same thing will happen on a national scale, and we won’t be able to pay it back either, everything will close and then all of us are going to have to go and find another country. Just like people have every single other time people tried to force other people to work so they can get cool stuff for free.