Bill Maher Goes Full-Bore Anti-Semitic

And DNC honcho Donna Brazile nods along.

“Based on every statement out of any Republican in the last two years,” Bill Maher said on HBO’s Real Time on Friday night, “the Israelis are controlling our government.” It’s not the first time the formerly-funny-jester-dwarf-turned-partisan-hack has gone off the deep end on Israel. It’s just the most obvious anti-Semitic canard to emerge from his potty-mouth.

Maher was referring, of course, to the political story that has brought all the leftist anti-Semites rushing from the woodwork: the hold-up of Barack Obama’s Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel, he of the “Jewish lobby” hatred and the anti-Israel isolationism. Said Maher:

What is it about him that’s suspicious? He voted for the Iraq war, he voted for the Afghanistan war, he voted for the Patriot Act, he voted for Homeland Security, Star Wars, he’s a right-wing Republican and that’s not good enough?

Sitting by and watching this ridiculous charade was Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. Brazile interjected: “Bill, what they’re doing is going after every speech.” When Jamie Weinstein of The Daily Caller explained that one of those speeches may have contained Hagel ripping the State Department as a wing of the Israeli Foreign ministry, Maher dropped the “Israel-controls-our-government” bombshell. Brazile sat there and said nothing. In fact, her next remarks were in defense of Hagel: “They keep changing the goalposts, Bill.”

To oppose certain policies of the State of Israel is not anti-Semitic. Everyone has done it based on the administration in Israel, which changes, as it does in every democracy. But to suggest moral equivalence between the democratic, casualty-minimizing Israelis, and the fascistic, terrorizing Palestinians is anti-Semitic. To suggest that Israel controls American foreign policy is conspiratorial anti-Semitic nonsense. And it’s dangerous nonsense at that.

Maher doesn’t have a consistent pattern of this kind of messaging. His message varies with his audience – in an interview with the Los Angeles Jewish Journal in November, he defended Israel’s rights to defend itself against Hamas rockets … although one suspects that that defense has more to do with Barack Obama’s tepid support for Israel’s Gaza action than Maher’s own inherent sympathy for Israel.

And that’s the danger.

The left now follows President Obama’s lead with the devotion of a pack of well-trained hound dogs. If he is anti-Israel, they are anti-Israel. If he is not, they are not. (He is never pro-Israel, so that point of view is obviated.)

Thus Brazile’s tolerance for Maher’s anti-Semitic diatribe. President Obama has nominated a Secretary of Defense who clearly is an anti-Semite, and Brazile defends that pick because it’s Obama’s pick. And Hollywood, which has a higher-than-average representation of Jews, remains silent. Imagine if Maher had made this comment about the gay lobby in Washington – the Hollywood crowd would have gone berserk. But when he suggests that the Elders of Zion run the American government, it’s treated as normal not just by Brazile, but by the Hollywood Jewish left, which values its leftism over its Judaism.

Because leftism is the true Hollywood religion, the number of self-hating Jews or atheists of Jewish origin here is skyrocketing. Jewishness is now seen as a charming rite of passage or a way to identify as non-white, a moral shield against charges of being part of the dominant demographic strain in America. But Judaism as a coherent religion and philosophy is seen as a mockery, a joke, the basis for intolerance and inhumanity. Which is why, at root, leftism must reject Judaism, and thus the legitimacy of the State of Israel.

With his re-election won, Barack Obama is doing just that. He’s being followed by the typical left, and the Hollywood left. And the Hollywood Jewish left is saying nothing. As usual.

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