Bill Maher Stands Up for America

Liberal host and comedian utters the unthinkable for his progressive pals.

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_Warning: HBO-level language. Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan._

In this clip from HBO’s recent episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the leftist host and comedian says what so many of his progressive pals cannot:

1. Our American culture is better than the Middle East’s.

2. American Christians who follow their holy book literally are benign.

3. Islamofascism’s bullying to get us to suppress the first amendment cannot be tolerated.

Maher embraces these three controversial political positions. (“Controversial” within the community of the Left, that is.) But he’s unwilling to take the logical next step that these ideas demand: become a conservative.

If you acknowledge that our culture is worth defending, if you realize that individual liberty is not negotiable, and that Christian conservatives are in no way comparable to terrorists then you have no business being part of a movement — the political Left — that is dedicated to the promoting the exact opposite.

I don’t expect Maher to acknowledge that — he’s far too financially dependent on his leftist identity. He’s also unwilling to sacrifice his cool level by embracing political untouchables like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin even though they share his position on the three points above. The day comes for many of us, though, when we’re willing to stop being cool. Some of us can realize that Freedom is more important.