Bill Whittle: Silence Drudge!

A Truth Revolt video.

If someone was trying to limit or suppress your First Amendment rights in America today, what would that Tyrant look like? A dictator in a military uniform? Or a soccer mom in a corner office?

In this weeks Firewall, meet Susan Ravel of the FEC and Lois Lerner of the IRS – two smiling tyrants weaponizing the government against conservatives and following direct orders from the very top of the Democratic leadership. See the video and transcript below. 


Hi everybody; I’m Bill Whittle and this is the Firewall.

Let’s say someone wanted to take away that uniquely American right — the one upon which all of this success and prosperity and happiness and freedom is based: Your First Amendment right to freedom of speech. What would that tyrant look like?

This, right? Someone like this. Or this. Or this. Nah. Not here. That’s not how tyranny looks in America:


This smiling, normal-looking woman is Ann Ravel. She heads the FEC — the Federal Elections Commission.  She’s a Democrat in a Democratic administration pursuing the Democratic party’s goal of intimidating, jailing and otherwise harassing their political opponents, who are mean because they don’t like being told what to do, or to think — the way nice people do. So she has been ordered to weaponize the government against unregulated speech — we don’t call it “free speech” any more because that term is archaic and also probably racist.

It’s not like she doesn’t want to! As a typical progressive Democrat, Ann Ravel has two overriding psychological needs:

First, regulate everything. How on earth with people like Ann Ravel and, for that matter, the President of the United States, ever be able to feel secure when the American people are just running around starting businesses willy-nilly, or irresponsibly making internet videos that don’t conform to the Official Truth, or reading news stories — “news stories!” — on places like Fox or the Drudge Report.

No, the idea of something being unregulated — like, say, the internet — is anathema to these control freaks, so the chance to regulate something — anything — is good to go right out of the gate.

Even better:  Ann Ravel not only wants to regulate the internet, she wants to target those regulations against conservatives on the internet.

You see, apparently, a couple of ads were run, for free, on YouTube. Those ads said mean things against President Obama, and that’s wrong! So now, this smiling, ordinary-looking, soccer-mom-type fascist tyrant is threatening regulate content on Websites like the Drudge Report — weaponizing the government and using it’s coercive power to stifle criticisms of DEMOCRATS. Drudge, you may remember, cut his teeth by exposing the fact that Monica Lewinsky — unlike all of the other liars and bimbos before her — had actual, physical evidence of President Clinton’s philandering, predatory infidelities against unknown, powerless young women. But the Drudge Report said mean things against a Democratic President, and that’s wrong!

According to the lights of people like Ann Ravel, this what can happen without regulations and the threat of punishment, and sites like The Drudge Report have no First Amendment protections for a free press because saying mean things about Democratic Presidents is not news. It unregulated opinion. Saying mean things against Republican Presidents — THAT’S NEWS.

Ann Ravel says she will also be looking into videos like the one you are watching now, Thought Criminal. Needless to say, I had assumed my license to speak my mind was printed on a piece of parchment, sealed in nitrogen behind bulletproof glass in the National Archives, but that doesn’t cut much ice with fascists like Ann Ravel, or the people that give her her marching orders.

Now for those of you who say it cannot happen here, that this is all a tempest in a tea party, let me show you another face of fascist tyranny in America: Lois Lehrner, director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. On May 23rd, 2013 she was placed on administrative leave following allegations that she had used the IRS — in other words, weaponized the government — to target Tea Party groups for genuinely excessive, illegal, immoral and utterly shameless scrutiny, which in one case I happen to have first hand knowledge of. She was cited for Contempt of Congress in 2014, because apparently, all of the email regarding these selective examinations and enforcements disappeared when her hard drive failed. And the legally required back ups failed. And something like one thousand other IRS computers hard drives also failed. Plus THEIR back-ups. Some emails, however, sent just before these unfortunate coincidences indicate her discussing these issues with the Department of Justice, which means it was directed by this guy, which means it was directed by this guy. This same guy, who when asked if there was any evidence of corruption in the IRS, replied “not a smidgeon.” Unregulated laughter is punishable by law, oh, and by the way: prepared to be audited.


None of this means anything to these people: First Amendment Right to free speech; Second Amendment right to self-defense, Fourth Amendment right to be secure in our Persons, Houses, Papers and Effects; the Tenth Amendment admonishment that those powers not specifically granted the Federal Government are reserved to the States, or to the People — it’s all just parchment for them — a bit of decoration, like Washington crossing the Delaware — suitable for framing in a museum that no one visits anymore.

It’s certainly not the law, because as we know, the law is what the Chicago political machine says it is.

Nice Bill of Rights you got there. Be a shame if something happened to it.

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