Bill Whittle's Firewall: Brexit and the Fourth of July

The vote heard round the world.

In the latest Firewall commentary from the incomparable Bill Whittle, Bill explains why the Brexit vote may be the most important event of the century, and is an absolutely epic echo of on America’s own Independence, celebrated this weekend.

Transcript below:

Two hundred and forty-one years ago the shot heard round the world was fired at North Bridge, near Lexington and Concord. Now the British people have unleashed a Vote Heard Round the World. I believe this seismic event may turn out to be the best, the most important revolt to take place in our lifetimes.

All you need to know to gauge the magnitude of this decision can be summed up in three quick points:

First, the British people decided – as did America did two and a half centuries earlier – that they were tired of being ruled by a bunch of arrogant, unelected elitists who cannot be happy unless they can make other people do what they tell them to do.

In Europe, this came down to farmers from Britain, and France, and Germany, and Belgium and all the rest being told by socialist bureaucrats in Brussels just how much curvature a cucumber can have in order to be sold in the EU. There are regulations concerning the height of swing sets and rotational speed limits determined and enforced on playground roundabouts.

Not for Britain. Not anymore. And the petty, centralized, power-mad progressives that work night and day to come up with new rules and regulations and mandatory advisories, and taxes and fines and licenses and fees and duties and penalties – are scared. In fact, they are terrified.

The BBC and other elitists fought this tooth and nail before the vote, and they are fighting even harder now: stories of a few people who regretted their vote, or who didn’t understand what they were voting for, and so on and so on and so on. It’s an attempt to do what progressives always do, win or lose: use isolated examples as social proof that everything they _want_ is a human right and everything they _don’t want_ is racist insanity. They are, as usual, preparing to re-vote and re-count and re-campaign until they get back the power they have lost, at which point the law and the science will be settled.  

On point number two, I’m going to let those images do most of the talking.

Wanting to protect yourself against this is not racism: it’s survival. Not just personal survival, either; it is the survival of the entire Western idea of free speech; respect for science over superstition; the comfort of wine and music; and the liberation and fully realized human potential everyone

As we saw in the aftermath of Orlando, progressives call the aggressors in these clips the victims, while the actual victims are slandered as racists and bigots. There are two reasons they do this: first, it’s a way to signal their moral virtue to their peers and their moral superiority over the great, unwashed rest of us. But much more importantly, progressives transfer their fear of these murderers onto their own citizens, because protesting against Tories or Republicans will get you on the news but protesting against Islamic atrocities might get you killed. That fear has to go someplace, so it finds its own safe space.

When a German Chancellor decrees that the British people has to accept _millions_more of these violent, brutal ingrates… well, now we are talking about something a little more significant than cucumber curvature.

But the most important lesson from the Brexit vote – by far! – is the realization that this slide into grey bureaucratic collectivism – led by a small cadre of heartless, soulless, resentful, vindictive and power-mad busybody incompetents – is not inevitable. The United Kingdom, which is so much further down the road to socialist economic sclerosis and multicultural rape and honor killings then we are, simply decided to stop, say no, and turn around.

This Independence Day, Americans have been shown that the little people, the common people, can simply wake up and say no to these collectivist, parasitical bastards and take back their own country. As a gift to America on her birthday, this invisible beacon may surpass the magnificent steel and copper one given to us by the French… if we have the courage to open our eyes, see its light, and follow it back to freedom.