Black College Students’ Racist Roommate Ad

How students are defending their "no whites allowed" policy.

Thanks to the Black Lives Matter mob, now it seems to be politically correct and okay for black students to discriminate against white students. Three black students at Claremont Colleges in Southern California posted a “roommate wanted ad” for their off-campus house on Facebook.  

The catch was that only people of color need apply. In parentheses, the ad, posted by Kare Urena, noted “POC only,” which meant whites weren’t welcome. When other students complained on Facebook about the post, Urena wrote: 

“It’s exclusive I don’t want to live with any white folks.”

Now imagine for a moment if a group of white college students had done the same thing. They would make national headlines non-stop for days, as the leftist media lambasted them as racists. In fact, this did happen when a group of white college students at the Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign tried to create a white students union.  Students formed the group in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, which they felt was a “terrorist group” that promoted hatred of white people.

The school’s chancellor and the media condemned the Illinois White Students Union.  According to the group’s original Facebook page, the group was created to promote “White Pride and a safe place for White students.” 

When white students want to create safe spaces to express their views, they’re right to free speech is condemned as discrimination, racism and intimidation. But when three black college students decide to advertise for a non-white roommate, liberals say this is their right and warranted in the name of social justice.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Urena, a 20-year old junior, and one of her roommates, Sajo Jefferson, a sophomore, defended their non-PC ad in a statement:

We live in a world where the living circumstances of POC are grounded in racist social structures that we can not opt out of. These conditions threaten the minds, bodies and souls of people of color both within and without the realms of higher education. We are fighting to exist.

I’m struggling to understand what these students are fighting for. Blacks have equal access to the same education as whites. Many would argue that affirmative action policies give blacks an advantage over whites when it comes to getting accepted to colleges. In my book Con Job, I wrote:

There are at least 361 four year colleagues in America that offer degrees in African American Studies, according to Peterson’s, an authoritative website on higher education for parents and students. Based upon my own casual review of multiple schools’ websites, it appears the faculty teaching these programs are overwhelmingly black, about 80 to 90 percent. Each of the nation’s Ivy League schools, where more than 86 percent of the faculty’s campaign donations go to the Democrats, has a department of either African American Studies or Africana Studies, the new lingo for black. In the interest of equality, shouldn’t Harvard, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Princeton, Penn, Dartmouth and Columbia offer ‘white studies’ majors? They don’t because that would be considered racist, but the Democrats in liberal academia are quite comfortable serving up “black studies” to black students.

Black studies departments are nothing more than a liberal pandering tool for elite colleges to placate black students’ ever-present racial grievances.

“How many white students do you know who have majored in black studies? The name itself turns any white student away,” I write in Con Job.

“The curriculum in these classes is laughable. Perusing the various coursework offerings at the nation’s Ivy Leagues, I couldn’t believe students were earning credits toward degrees for these classes. As you can imagine, the courses are steeped in all things race and racist,” I wrote.

Excuse me if I just can’t see the “racist social structures” these black college students claimed justified their discriminatory housing ad.

But if three white students ran an similar advertisement for a white only roommate, black students would have protested and demanded the college president suspend the students. As one student pointed out in response to the Facebook post, “housing segregation is illegal.” Indeed it is, but when it comes to discrimination it appears that black Americans get a free pass in the name of social justice and safe spaces. 

Another student noted, “I think that a POC-only housing policy is about as clear-cut an example of prejudice as one could find.”

Me too. Leftists may choose to limit racism to “whites only,” but its offenders come in all races–even black.