Black Lives Matter Demands an Air Tax for Slavery Reparations

Freeing cop killers, black welfare checks and no more automation.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

Follow the money.

Black Lives Matter was never really about protesting whatever drug dealer, robber or petty criminal was the latest to die in another violent confrontation with the police. Its founders, left-wing gay activists with a professional interest in community organizing, had little in common with the inner city criminals that they claimed to care about. Michael Brown or Freddie Gray were only their means to an end.

Black Lives Matter casually destroyed communities and then walked away to the next confrontation. The latest victim was only a means to radicalize and community organize before his t-shirts went into the trash bin and his hashtag was retired. Now the hate group has released its policy agenda.

The title, “Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice,” puts the emphasis on the hate group’s Black Nationalism rather than any claims of police brutality. This was always about the racist agenda of “Black Power” with its mantra of separatist demands and racial entitlements.

And it’s about the money. Black Lives Matter shares the same tired old agenda as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. In the end it’s always about a financial shakedown. And BLM has a big shakedown in mind.

Scroll down past the angry rhetoric and you wind up with “reparations” for slavery, not to mention an endless “war” on black people that encompasses everything from “mass incarceration” to “food apartheid.”

Reparations extend from “full and free access for all Black people (including undocumented and currently and formerly incarcerated people) to lifetime education” to “a guaranteed minimum livable income for all Black people.”

This would be a sizable welfare check paid out to all black people for being black.

Unlike welfare, this magic income would not be “means tested” nor would there be “any work requirements” because unlike the Earned Income Tax Credit which is “significantly tied to work, which is problematic when structural racism continues to create so many barriers to Black employment”, there would be no expectation that anyone receiving these checks do anything except watch TV all day.

But don’t get BLM wrong. It still wants to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit anyway.

And there would be a “pro-rated additional amount included in a UBI for Black Americans” as “reparations, in a grand bargain with white America”. It would certainly be a grand bargain. Especially for the Asian college graduates who would be forced to pay for it. Not to mention the black communities crippled by it.

This permanent Black Nationalist welfare would be funded with, and this is a direct quote, “taxes on public goods like air (carbon tax.)”

So millions of Americans would be paying a tax on air to atone for something they had nothing to do with. Al Sharpton would be proud of how far his shakedown successors have come.

The hate group’s policy agenda also includes backing for Conyers’ reparations commission.

Beyond reparations, the Black Lives Matter policy agenda is chock full of Black Nationalist obsessions, including COINTELPRO which it blames for the imprisonment of assorted left-wing terrorists. Indeed it explicitly demands “the removal of legitimate freedom fighters from the International Terrorists list.”

This includes cop-killer and Black Lives Matter icon Assata Shakur who murdered one police officer and wounded another. BLM also demands that we “rescind the bounty on the head of Assata Shakur” so that she can come back from Cuba to do a triumphant campus tour.

Other cop-killers the Black Nationalist hate group is advocating for include H. Rap Brown, who had murdered one police officer, Kamau Sadiki of the Black Liberation Army terrorist group, who had also murdered a police officer, and the Black Panther killers of Sgt. John V. Young.

This is as openly as the public face of Black Lives Matter, an organization associated with inciting the murder of police officers, has come to endorsing such murders, though it predictably cloaks this in classic COINTELPRO conspiracy theories. Like Muslim terrorists, Black Nationalists want to celebrate their acts of terror before blaming them on a government conspiracy that framed their “martyrs.”

Black Lives Matter would also like an end to police interference in their race riots. The hate group whines that, “Black Lives Matter protests have been met with militarized police responses and the use of crowd-control weapons. In just the past couple of weeks hundreds have been arrested across the country.”

You burn down a city and your supporters kill a bunch of police officers and suddenly you get “militarized police responses.”

The racist hate group also complains that the Dallas police killed one of their supporters who had murdered 5 police officers using “an unmanned robot armed with a bomb.” The robot had not even checked its metal privilege before committing this microagression which warrants “thought, discussion, and accountability.” Though never from Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter also wants a ban on body cameras because they can inconveniently reveal that their police brutality allegations are hoaxes. And then it demands an end to automation. The increasingly delusional group wants to “prevent digital technologies from automating industries, making Black and other workers disposable.” It is not clear how this is supposed to work.

Does Black Lives Matter want a ban on self-checkout machines and Uber?

The BLM policy agenda is chock full of similar racist lunacy and just plain lunacy. It would like a tax on “environmental damage” that would hold “income-sensitized to hold low-income people harmless.” Because environmental damage is only a crime when rich people do it. Pollution is harmless when “low-income people” do it.

Taxes should also be based around “racial equity”. And there needs to be a “$4 trillion policy that would both create government jobs for Black workers, and subsidize businesses to hire Black workers.”

$4 trillion? Why that’s a bargain. It’s merely the entire annual budget. That should be easy.

Also, because this fever dream comes from campus social justice warriors, there would be “strict benchmarks for hiring Black trans people.” Assuming you can find them.

Black Lives Matters’ policy agenda calls for freeing cop-killers, free money for people who happen to be black and spending the entire national budget on a program to create government jobs for black people.

Not to mention banning self-checkout counters.

It’s insane and ridiculous and racist and a thousand other things. Which is why the media will carefully select a few safe talking points from it and bury the rest of the madness. That is what the media has always done with Black Lives Matter from the very beginning. And that is what it’s still doing.

The media won’t report on the hate group’s support for cop killers or its claim that lack of fresh produce is “food apartheid.” Instead the media acts as the spin doctors for Black Lives Matter.

The media lies, whitewashes and keeps the scam alive. Meanwhile the hate continues.