The Book On Hillary

Uncovering the corruption inherent in the system.

What Happened was Hillary Rodham Clinton, so readers need only glimpse the cover to explain Hillary’s loss in the 2016 election. On the other hand, Clinton’s current book tour, including a stop on C-SPAN, is another story. The loser still may think she has a shot at winning, as long as special counsel Robert Mueller is on the job.

Former FBI boss Mueller is a longtime pal of former FBI boss James Comey, a friend of the Clintons from way back. As a U.S. Attorney, Comey closed out the New Square clemency case, a gift to the Clintons, and he also gave them a pass on the investigation of Marc Rich.

In July 2016, just before the Democratic National Convention, James Comey also gave candidate Clinton a pass on the 30,000 missing emails, the private unsecured server, the mishandling of classified information and other criminal conduct. “It was, all in all,” wrote David Horowitz, “the most breathtaking fix in American history.”

As Byron York notes, Comey and Mueller have been “brothers in arms” for some fifteen years. After 911, the two men became “close partners and close allies throughout the years ahead.”

With that record, Mueller is not exactly the right man to spearhead the Russia investigation, but he duly got the nod. The Comey-Mueller axis clearly works in Clinton’s favor.  

Allegedly a man of great integrity, Mueller has brought aboard at least seven lawyers who have donated to Democratic candidates, and five of those were donors to Hillary Clinton. If that is not a conflict of interest, it is hard to know what to call it.

If they search long enough, this snoop squad is bound to find something to crow about. Loser Hillary is banking on that, and What Happened conveniently keeps her in the public eye.

In that book, the former First Lady and Secretary of State blames Vladimir Putin, the 44th president, Bernie Sanders, sexism, the FBI, the New York Times, Facebook, Netflix and Facebook, all the way down to content farms in Macedonia. Her interviewers seem to sense it’s all a crock but prefer to let her rattle on.

Nobody in the old-line establishment media (OEM) wonders why the book fails to explain what happened to the 30,000 emails, the unsecured server and other gear Clinton’s team destroyed. And nobody in the OEM pressed her hard for answers.

Likewise, nobody brought up the revelations in Clinton Cash, about the Clinton Foundation. Wasn’t that, as one wag put it, a kind of bribery clearance center?

The book also failed to explain what happened in Benghazi on Secretary of State Clinton’s watch. Nobody in the OEM pressed her to clarify who made the call on the video story, instead of calling it terrorism.

No alleged investigative journalist urged Clinton to explain what, at that point, did it matter that four Americans had been killed. And how might that have affected her loss in 2016? For the most part, the book tour was a Clinton monologue.

The former First Lady thus proves that even the worst “progressive” candidate can lose a presidential election, claim that her terrible record had nothing to do with the loss, and the old-line establishment media will give her a pass.

Future candidates of the left will find that encouraging. They might also note that the OEM tends to ignore stories such as Pakistani IT spies and the unmasking of Americans by Samantha Power and others during the previous administration.

The entertainment media, meanwhile, have also given the Clintons a pass, despite a backlog of highly dramatic material.  The Benghazi affair, for example, could use a movie treatment with the detail of, say, All the President’s Men, and major stars in the cast.

Consider also the Clintons’ Deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster, whose mysterious death recalls the suicide in A Few Good Men, a movie Foster had recently watched. Was Foster another man who knew too much?

Instead of a predictable sore-loser book, Hillary Clinton might deploy her inside knowledge and write something for the stage, maybe about her husband Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. As Monica worked her magic, Bill could be on the phone with the Joint Chiefs. Then the intrepid Hillary finds out, and takes her libidinous husband to task in the most colorful terms.

Unlike the fictitious What Happened, this true-life tale would be highly adaptable to film. Hillary could call it Oval Office, and even star in the production. That would keep her in the public eye, and give millennials a sense of history.

Right now, loser Hillary is hoping Robert Mueller might be able to get her in through the back door. After all, didn’t she win the popular vote, and shouldn’t the Electoral College be abolished?

Yes, it’s a long shot, a Hail Mary.  On the other hand, one never knows what will happen in Washington these days.