California Dems Protect Child Rapists and Fight Trump

The #Resistance Dems are at it again.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism.

The Paris Commune, the Bavarian Soviet Republic and the California legislative supermajority of Dems are shining examples of what happens when insane leftists take over a formerly prosperous place.

“The issue of resistance is beyond the symbolism,” Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon declared. “A lot of other municipalities, as well as other states, are looking towards California … to be the leader of this resistance.”

The “resistance” is to President Trump, democracy and sanity. California has the best student government in the world. And like every student government, it’s eager to serve every leftist cause.

Forget good government. California is leading the “resistance.”

California lawmakers don’t waste time on trivialities like the pension bomb. Instead they tackle the serious issues. That’s why the California Assembly passed a bill mandating that Trump publish his taxes. The bill is unconstitutional. U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton settled that back in the 90s. If California wants to revisit that, it’ll have to rely on a dissent from Clarence Thomas. Not to mention Scalia.

The bill would be signed by Governor Brown who hasn’t released his own tax returns.

But following the law is for Republicans and little people.

And California legislators compulsively generate bills that are immune to math, laws, precedent or legality. And that can only produce a complete and utter disaster if they are implemented.

And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

In addition to the multiple gratuitous legislative attacks on President Trump, which are as bizarre as they are unprecedented, there was a bill, introduced by Senator Scott Wiener of San Francisco, to remove sex offenders from the sex offender registry. Wiener claimed that the sex offender registry was homophobic. The bill, which passed, will allow child rapists to be removed after 20 years, and gives child pornography distributors a pass after 10 years.

A spokesman for Governor Brown, whose former pal Jim Jones would have been thrilled by the legislation, spoke glowingly of the bill. But this is a state in which a statue of another Jim Jones ally, Harvey Milk, the Democrat pedophile who lured runaway teens, decorates San Francisco City Hall.

Move over undocumented immigrants. Here come the undocumented sex offenders.

Sadly, the “supervised heroin” bill which would have allowed heroin addicts to shoot up under the supervision of “qualified medical professionals” failed. But Assemblywoman Susan Talamantes Eggman claims that her bill got lots of “momentum” and will be back. Eggman is a member of both the LGBT Caucus and the Latino Legislative Caucus. And those are the only qualifications in California politics now.

Worse news still, it’s now illegal to ingest “any marijuana product while driving”. But employers are not allowed to ask about your criminal history.

California did manage to pass the “Gender Recognition Act” inventing “non-binary” as a new gender and a bill sealing the juvenile records of teenagers who commit murder and other horrifying crimes.

The sanctuary state bill that bars law enforcement from asking illegal alien criminals if they’re illegal aliens went through to media applause. Landlords are also prohibited from reporting illegal aliens to the authorities. Businesses would be forced to demand a warrant from ICE: whether they want to or not.

“An employer… shall not provide voluntary consent to an immigration enforcement agent to enter any nonpublic areas of a place of labor,” the latter bill mandates.

The bill actually punishes Californians for cooperating with Federal law enforcement. Where do they think they live anyway? America?

There are extensive fines for landlords and businesses that choose to follow United States law and actually cooperate with immigration authorities.

Before long, everyone in California will be banned from reporting illegal aliens.

And using the term “illegal alien” will be a hate crime punishable by 20 years working to construct the light rail to nowhere under the supervision of undocumented non-binary sex offender murderers.

But there’s still no progress on the socialized medicine bill which would cost a mere $400 billion. Or twice California’s current budget. And the 100 percent renewable energy by 2046 hasn’t made it either. It would be a mistake to attribute these setbacks to sudden outbreaks of fiscal sanity. There’s no such thing in Sacramento. California is run by a crooked leftist oligarchy based on identity politics and special interests.

The California Senate will do anything and everything for illegal aliens. But when some unions didn’t like the latest renewable push, it stalled. It’s easy enough to protect child rapists because the coalition doesn’t care about children. It does care a great deal about alternate sexual identities, illegal aliens and heroin users. The homeless and criminals are top priorities. But while members of the oligarchy don’t care about children, they have compelling financial interests involving alternate energy sources.

Identity politics is important. But money matters more. And disguising that is the “resistance” circus.

Assemblyman Miguel Santiago taunts Trump as a “Russian crony” even while he promotes a college affordability program hosted by the Mexican Consulate. He attended a DACA shutdown opposition event alongside Senator Armando Ríos Piter, a Mexican politician who had called for retaliating against Trump by seizing American property in Mexico. Whose crony is Miguel Santiago?

Santiago was “inspired” to get into politics by propositions 187 and 209. These last gaps of democracy in California were quickly snuffed out. Illegal immigration and affirmative action rule now. The old people power propositions have either been rolled back or will be. Instead Dem pols drift in from the Mexican Independence Day celebration to find new punitive measures to protect their illegal alien voting bloc.

The left is in charge and is doing what it always does.

The Paris Commune returned to the old radical obsession with remaking the calendar as soon as it could. It abolished the death penalty even while killing hostages. It claimed the right to conscience even as it was seizing churches. Instead of preparing to fight, it spent its time on pointless political debates, circular firing squads and finally burning buildings that stood for the wrong sorts of things.

The California Commune has no interest in fixing the problems that it’s busy creating.

It decriminalized drugs and now has to worry about driving while high. It decriminalized public defecation and a hepatitis outbreak is sweeping San Diego. Its social policy spending sprees are bringing California closer to the economic abyss. Instead of dealing with these problems, the Dem supermajority will virtue signal on illegal aliens, on socialized medicine, on non-binary genders and on criminals.

It’s just easier that way.

California’s leftists would rather be the anti-Trump resistance than do the responsible thing.

Legal and illegal migration allowed the left to seize power in California. And now California is being destroyed by the left. But at least the undocumented pedophiles will have socialized medicine.