Christians Butchered In Guinea

The Jihadist terror ensues.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2013/09/islamg.jpg)Great havoc and violence has arisen in Guinea, in which a substantial amount of churches have been destroyed, and an immense amount of Christians have been killed. Jihadist-provoked violence left ninety-five people dead, and a hundred and thirty wounded.

In Nzérékoré, five churches have been attacked and looted, and the homes of four pastors attacked by Muslim mobs. One priest, Fr. Joseph, recounted the violence:

The two Catholic and Protestant churches have all been ransacked and burned … Almost all the houses and shops belonging to Christians or people affiliated with Christians, have not escaped the fury of attackers.

The Catholic area, including the quarters of the nuns and the Presbyter, was looted and set to flames. Moreover, in Beyla, the Center for Youth Development, a conference room, an Internet cafe, a primary school and a library, were ravaged and devastated.

Beyla’s regional deputy of health services, Dr. Tolon Loua, was killed during the violence, as Fr. Joseph says:

He was inside of his house when the assailants arrived and set it on fire … Badly burned, he was transported to the hospital where he was later declared dead.

In Moribadou, violence lasted for three days, in which about 10 churches were destroyed.

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