The Crooked Judges of Amsterdam

Dutch authorities are making sure Geert Wilders won't get a fair defense.

Geert Wilders’s “hate speech” trial in the Netherlands began just a few weeks ago, but the outcome already seems determined. As Robert Spencer discusses in our lead story today, the Amsterdam District Court has refused to allow Wilders to call fifteen of the eighteen witnesses he had hoped to bring forward in his defense. It is also highly unlikely that the three remaining witnesses will be able to defend Wilders in the manner he desired, because the court has decided that the three witnesses will only be heard behind closed doors. With Wilders denied the opportunity to mount a forceful defense against charges that he has incited discrimination against Muslims, the Dutch court’s proceedings increasingly resemble the kind of justice-mocking show trials one has come to expect from third-world dictatorships. Political and social commentator Pat Condell has produced a powerful video in which he comments on these dire circumstances surrounding the Wilders trial and their implications for free speech – and Western civilization as we know it.

To watch the video, click here.