David Brock: Media Matters Madman

The broken mind behind the Soros smear machine.

David Brock is a member of an exclusive club of fake conservatives like Arianna Huffington who, when the winds turned blustery and the money looked better on the other side, crossed the Iron Curtain going the other way and headed to Moscow.

There is something to be said for the right, which has attracted its defectors from the best of the left. And there is something to be said for the left, which has attracted defectors from the worst of the right. While the right has gotten men like Irving Kristol and David Horowitz, the left has gotten a mentally unstable gay man and a woman who married a gay man for the money.

Since joining up with Team Soros, Brock has not engaged in journalism so much as become the head apparatchik of a propaganda corps, the officially unofficial smear corps for the left. Media Matters’ official mission is to correct misinformation. Its actual operation is to conduct character assassinations on behalf of the left. Its operating principle is a paranoid obsession with a vast right-wing conspiracy which justifies the creation of a vast left-wing conspiracy to counter it.

As David Horowitz has pointed out in his pamphlet, “Sex Lies and Vast Conspiracies,” on his entry to the ranks of the left, Brock’s new mentor was none other than Sidney Blumenthal, the originator of the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” meme.

Media Matters operates by targeting prominent conservatives. The more prominent the public figure, the more attention Media Matters dedicates to the task of destroying him or her. To visit Media Matters is to enter a parallel universe where the world revolves around FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly. Like a black hole, Media Matters forms a completely negative space that contributes nothing to the national dialogue except a mouth breathing obsession with the conservative media it hates so much, yet cannot stay away from.

An organization is a reflection of its leader, and Media Matters is a reflection of David Brock. Its paranoia, its dishonesty and its negative energy all emanate from its founder. A recent Daily Caller expose paints a picture of an organization run by a man with delusions of grandeur who is operating under the belief that he might be assassinated at any moment. A man whose organization not only distributes the most outlandish conspiracy theories about conservatives imaginable, but whose leader actually appears to believe them.

Brock began his career as an attack dog and is ending it as an attack dog, but his attacks are not motivated by principles. Principles are positive things and the only thing that Brock has ever offered is the ability to defame and attack the principles of others. There is no light side to David Brock. Only the darkness of endless paranoia, the fear and hatred of others, which makes him a willing weapon in the arsenal of political vendettas.

It was appropriate enough, then, that Media Matters came into being as part of the apparatus of the Soros Shadow Party. As the Shadow Party obscures transparency and good government, so too Media Matters obscures the truth. That is indeed its only function. It traffics in conspiracy theories about the pernicious power of conservative media in order to justify its own abuses of power. It maintains the myth that it is the only thing standing in the way of conservative media dominance to justify the progressive dominance of the press.

While Brock was never comfortable on the right, he has found a warm nest on the left where his paranoia and conspiracy theories, his politics of personal destruction and vendettas, are welcomed. The mainstream media, which have increasingly abandoned even the pretense of editorial rigor and journalistic objectivity, have outsourced much of their research and fact checking to progressive smear sites like Media Matters and Think Progress, which formulate their narrative for them.

That a man like David Brock has become the whispering voice in the media’s ear is almost as much a testament to the rot within the mainstream media complex as the power that George Soros has over the progressive left testifies to its own dark heart.

No decent journalist would allow his news stories to be influenced by the propaganda apparatus of a man who openly boasted about being a smear artist. Nor would any serious newspaper, news network or media outlet accept a narrative from a man who disavowed his own reporting as the work of a political hit man. Yet the very centrality of Media Matters in the mainstream media complex shows the utter corruption of the media.

Only the left could take a man whose calling card was admitting to being an unprincipled liar and reward him for that by putting him charge of a media operation to create disinformation, while describing it as a program to counter disinformation.

Brock found common cause with the left because like attracts like. The left needs the myth of a populist conservative media threat to democracy to justify its undemocratic grip on the media and the public dialogue. It needs Brock because he helps feed that myth. Perversely Brock’s background as a compulsive liar only gives him more credibility in their eyes. Who better to tell their lies than an accredited liar?

David Brock’s peculiar gift is that his own mental pressures cause him to believe the lies that he tells. The more grandiose the lies become, the more power he gains to fight against the shadow beasts he has brought into being. His colleagues on the left tastefully ignore the burgeoning insanity and paranoia. They know the king is mad, but for now the king and his madness are useful.

As the family said of the boy who thought he was a chicken, “We would send him to the hospital, but we need the eggs.” The left needs Brock’s eggs. It needs his hateful fantasies. It needs his paranoid beliefs about the absolute evil of the other side and his ability to craft a comprehensive narrative that fits every action into a worldview that justifies leftist powermongering with Brockian scaremongering.  It needs Brock to do for it, what he falsely claimed to do for the right.

Brock has spent his life writing about politics, but he has no political beliefs, he is a broken soul whose dysfunction makes him a Machiavellian tool of the left. Like Stephen Glass and so many other professional liars, Brock’s fabulism is an attempt at escaping from the reality of the self. The left too is scrambling to escape from the reality of the world. The progressive movement’s utopian roots are escapist. And escapism is another form of a lie. Who better to represent a movement of liars than a liar?

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