David Frum Careens Off The Deep End (NewsReal blog) - by David Horowitz

An attack on Beck and O'Reilly that is beyond insulting, and beyond stupid.

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In his worst post yet, David Frum picks up some Andrew Sullivan foam (which is pretty much what Andrew produces since he became a celebrity of the left) and takes it to the next level of nasty. “Do Limbaugh and Beck Believe What They Say?” is the title of Andrew’s thoughtless little jape. At least Sullivan deploys the question as an unabashed instrument of derision which he doesn’t himself take seriously. We’ve all asked the question, which is our way of saying no one in his right mind could believe that. It’s what every liberal thinks (when they’re not thinking) of every conservative and vice versa. Does Michael Moore believe what he says? Does Al Gore? Since George Bush entered the White House liberals have ceased to think altogether about certain questions  — the election of 2000, the decision to go to war in Iraq, global warming — and have come to the conclusion that they are indeed the only sane people around.

You will recognize here a classic symptom of psychosis. But in his current post Frum goes them one better and takes the question seriously, suggesting that if Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly were offered twice as much money and twice as many fans to say the opposite of what they’re saying now they would. This is a vulgar Marxism that is beyond insulting, and beyond stupid. Sadly, it’s just one more embarrassing pirouette in David’s ever less interesting dance away from the conservative cause.

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