'Democracy Awakening': The Radical Left's Latest Makeover

The same tired, pathetic tropes, repackaged as something new.

Have you heard about the latest intellectual “awakening” that’s being led by a brand new “progressive” movement called Democracy Awakening? Oh, it’s a real thrill, loaded with a host of bold, fresh ideas that’ll make you downright grateful for the fact that such brilliant folks are looking out for you. Ideas like these:

  • repealing all Voter ID laws, on the premise that they’re nothing more than racist schemes designed to disenfranchise nonwhite minorities; 
  • overhauling every facet of the criminal-justice system—police, prosecutors, courts, and prisons—on grounds that they are currently infested with racism and discrimination against blacks and Hispanics; 
  • supporting the agendas of the Black Lives Matter movement, which detects white racism lurking around every corner and hiding under every rock;
  • permitting Washington, DC to have representation in the U.S. House, Senate, and Electoral College, so as to further empower the Democratic Party; 
  • implementing publicly funded elections, thereby preventing citizens and corporations from donating money to the political candidates of their choice; 
  • striking a blow to the military-industrial complex” by gutting the national defense budget and redirecting those dollars to a bloated welfare state; and
  • depriving Americans of their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

What’s that you say? You’ve heard all this before, a thousand times, from the mouths of a thousand left-wing activists and political candidates seeking to erode American liberties? Don’t tell that to the good folks at Democracy Awakening. It might hurt their feelings. They kinda like thinking of themselves as intellectual trailblazers.

Democracy Awakening was officially launched a few days ago in Washington, DC, when it led a series of workshops and demonstrations outside the U.S. Capitol—all to promote the ideals and agendas listed above. Among the guest speakers at these events were such notables as Democratic Congressman Raúl Grijalva, an “immigrant-rights” champion who says that “in a perfect, perfect world we’d have an open border”; labor activist Dolores Huerta, a former honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America; Phyllis Bennis, whose Institute for Policy Studies has long supported Communist agendas while publicly smearing the United States as the world’s principal wellspring of evil; and activist Medea Benjamin, a dyed-in-the-wool communist who has lavished praise on Castro’s Cuba, the theocratic hellhole of Iran, and the Hamas barbarians of Gaza.

The list of Democracy Awakening’s nearly 300 member organizations provides further insight into the coalition’s worldview. Among those members are:

  • The Agenda Project, which believes that society can only function efficiently when the influence of government dominates the workings of the marketplace; 
  • American Family Voices, which advocates increased government control and intervention as the keys to improving healthcare, the environment, and the economy; 
  • The American Friends Service Committee, which sided with the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War and has long agitated for the unilateral disarmament of the United States; 
  • Code Pink, a pro-Marxist group that supports the Hamas-loving Free Gaza Movement, characterizes Israel as an oppressor nation, and is backed by former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn; 
  • Global Exchange, which seeks to “advance social, environmental and economic justice” by promoting an “alternative,” socialist-style system that “transform[s] the global economy from profit-centered to people-centered”; 
  • The SEIU, which donates millions of dollars annually to Democratic lawmakers and politicians who promote government expansion and higher taxes; 
  • The United For Peace and Justice antiwar coalition, founded by Leslie Cagan, who proudly aligns her politics with those of Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuba; 
  • Tikkun, which aims to “save our planet from environmental destruction and from the perversion of human relations generated by the globalization of selfishness and materialism popularly known as capitalist globalization”; 
  • The NAACP, which views America as a racist cesspool where blacks are victimized at every turn; 
  • The Network of Spiritual Progressives, whose work proceeds from the premise that “from the divine perspective there is no such thing as a right to private property,” and that all “inequalities of wealth [should] get abolished”; 
  • Greenpeace, which views the emissions resulting from every form of human industrial and recreational activity as the chief causes of potentially catastrophic global warming; and 
  • Bend The Arc, which condemns Voter ID laws as barriers that “make it harder for communities of color, women, first-time voters, the elderly, and the poor to cast their vote.”

There’s nothing new in any of this. Same old talking points. Same old Marxist, anti-American claptrap, dressed up as an “awakening.” At its core, Democracy Awakening is the quintessential embodiment of the Left’s retrogressive ideology—smearing and demeaning one American tradition after another, all for the purpose of expanding government, crushing free enterprise, and shrinking individual liberty.