Democrats Must Be Racist

The Dems are driving non-racists out of the party.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

“Democrats lost because they did not know how to talk about race,” Aimee Allison told the DNC candidates forum on race.

Aimee Allison is a professional “race talker”. She’s a senior VP at PowerPAC+ which is dedicated to tapping into the “political power of the multiracial majority”. It’s busy toting its co-founder’s book “Brown is the New White” which claims that a “demographic revolution” created a “New American Majority” and that Democrats should stop wasting their time on white voters.

Steve Philips wrote it a year ago. Since then Democrats rode the “New Majority” into political oblivion. White voters made up 71% of the electorate. Hillary won little more than a third of this “old majority”. 

The last Democrat running for the White House to win white voters was LBJ.

Obama in ’08 was the last Democrat to break the 40 percent ceiling among white voters.  In ’12 and ’16, the Democrats fell into the 30s. And they want to go even lower.

PowerPAC’s Democracy in Color hosted the DNC forum on race. The qualifications were obvious. Aimee Allison was a biracial Green Party candidate for the Oakland City Council ten years ago. She lost. 

Steve Philips served on the San Francisco School Board for eight years in the previous century. There he became infamous for demanding that 40% of books for High School students be written by non-whites. He specifically objected to Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn appearing on the reading list.

“Why do we start with that Huckleberry Finn had to be on the list? How did it get there in the first place? How did the book get published in the first place?” Philips demanded.

Back then, even in San Francisco, officials denounced the proposal as “literary apartheid”. These days the left is so extremist and hateful that calls not to read any books by white authors raise no eyebrows.

And this is whom the Democrats turned to on race.

Philips had authored an article before the forum demanding that “the Democratic Party must be race-conscious and not be race-neutral or color-blind”. He referenced his previous whitewashing of the vile racism of Jeremiah Wright and called for funding to be redirected away from white voters.

The candidates got the message. It was their job to pander to the “new majority”. 

“I’m a white woman, I don’t get it,” Sally Boynton Brown shrilled. Her job, she declared, was to “shut other white people down” until they admit their “privilege”.

Sally might have shut up and let the three black candidates have the job. But progressive privilege means telling other people to shut up on behalf of an even more privileged minority group.

“I am from Idaho. We are so white. So white. Like I’ve been reaching out and trying to connect to anybody of color… I need schooling… so that i can go school the other white people,” Sally pleaded.

Hillary barely won a quarter of the vote in Idaho. Obama had fallen below a third. Democrat party identification in Idaho was below 10 percent. Around 90% of Idaho is white.

Sally needs schooling from those other white people she keeps trying to shut up. The former Body Shop employee has spent four years in the thankless job of Executive Director of the Idaho Democratic Party. At no time on her watch did Dem Congressional candidates manage to break the 40% ceiling. 

Never mind do something as implausible as win an election. 

Idaho Democrats have 6 seats in a 35 seat Idaho State Senate. Down one in the previous election. They have 11 seats out of 70 in the Idaho House of Representatives. Down three.

At this rate, the Democrats will cease to exist in Idaho. But they will go out telling white people to shut up. And Sally, who boasts that she doesn’t “read the newspaper, watch the news, engage in debate with those who won’t ever change their mind” will never know that it even happened.

You can’t really blame Sally though. Heading the Dems in Idaho is as dead end as any job gets. It only marginally beats fighting alongside Custer at Little Big Horn or peddling cab medallions in the Uber age. The deranged racist nonsense she spouted is popular with the radical left that controls the party. If she wants to move up, Sally knows that she needs to be more racist than the racists who run everything.

Sally knows how to talk about race to the people who matter. And they aren’t Idaho voters.

The DNC shindig was originally scheduled to take place at Busboys and Poets: a venue noted mainly for its pathological hatred of the Jewish State. This would have suited Keith Ellison, the leading candidate to head the DNC, who had originally launched his political career with the Nation of Islam. 

The Minnesota Daily opinion editor had called Ellison “a genuine threat to the long-term safety and well-being of the Jewish people.” But no DNC candidate had dared to call Ellison out for his history of anti-Semitism. Instead at the Huffington Post DNC forum, almost every DNC candidate had demanded that a Jewish man apologize for calling out Ellison over his anti-Semitism.

 “I don’t believe that there’s an anti-Semitic bone in his body.” Jaime Harrison, the chair of the South Caroline Democratic Party, had declared, after a thorough radiological session.

Harrison’s main contribution to the circus was his key credential. “I’ve been a black man all my life.”

That certainly cleared things up for anyone who might have suspected that he was another Rachel Dolezal. But Harrison failed to clarify whether he had any racist bones in his body.

Meanwhile former Farrakhan fan Ellison touted an endorsement from Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson whose own ties with Farrakhan and anti-Semitic slurs had helped scuttle his presidential campaign. 

But, like Sally’s racism, Ellison and Jackson’s bigotry, have become normalized among Democrats.

There has been little reporting on the DNC forums because, aside from Sally’s awkward racism, there is nothing to report. All the candidates agree with each other. They all support the racist agenda of Black Lives Matter. And more diversity quotas and focusing on the minority of voters they already have. Less money should be spent on consultants, unless they’re minorities, and on corporate media.

That didn’t stop Jehmu Greene from claiming an “undisputed victory” in a word salad press release in which she blamed the media for trying to “silence” her candidacy, but vowed that she would be an advocate for “Americans of every hue, gender, generation and background.” 

Everyone is an advocate for the entire full spectrum of diversity. Except the disliked 71% of voters.

And why would a party trying to win national elections need them anyway?

The Democrats continue to normalize racism and anti-Semitism. And then they wonder why they have become a minority party with national and state GOP trifectas across the land. The promise of a new majority has imploded. But the left is unable to break with a failed policy based on identity ideology.

The DNC forum played out as if the election had never happened. Even the last Democrats in Idaho have learned to spew hate at white people. The leading DNC candidate has a history with the Nation of Islam. And the Democrats have become a minority party of racists that is forcing non-racists out of the party.

The DNC’s message is that racism and Democrat affiliation have to go together as much as they did in the age of Jim Crow. The Democrats have relearned racism. And all they had to lose were their voters.