DNC Leaks Show Hillary Clinton’s Rigged Game

There is no Democratic Party. Just the Hillary Party.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being the beneficiary of a rigged system. Then the DNC leaks proved it by showing just how aggressively the Democratic National Committee was working to push Hillary and suppress any of her rivals to the crown. Not only was the process rigged with the superdelegates, but the DNC functioned like an arm of the Clinton campaign.

The Sanders campaign demanded someone’s head. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ frizzy scalp was delivered to Bernie’s door. But Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whose last original idea was trying to score a block of Hamilton tickets from an RNC official, certainly didn’t do any of this on her own.

Hillary Clinton lost her last bid for the White House inside her own party. And she wasn’t about to allow that to happen twice. So the Clintons just took over the DNC. They bought it and it sold out to them.

Sergeant Schultz is a patsy. Another disposable Clintonite in a long line of them from Susan McDougal, who spent 18 months in jail for covering for the Clintons before getting a presidential pardon from Bill, to Sandy Berger, who ducked in to stuff some classified documents about Bill’s terror policies into his socks and got 100 hours of community service for building his own “sock server” full of classified documents. If Hillary wins, then Debbie will become Chief of Staff Schultz, Defense Secretary Schultz or, since we already know she’s willing to do anything for Hillary, Attorney General Schultz.

Top DNC officials targeted Bernie Sanders, raising questions about his religion, testing anti-Bernie narratives, slamming him and cheerleading their candidate. They vetted media pieces about Hillary, suppressed material featuring Bernie Sanders and spied on the Sanders campaign from the inside.

The Democratic National Committee functioned like an arm of the Clinton campaign. The primaries were a fiction whose only purpose and only possible outcome was the coronation of Queen Hillary.

Wiser candidates knew that and stayed away. Those who did show up were really applying to be her second banana, a spot that none of them managed to pick up despite their refusal to hit her hard on any of her glaringly ultraviolet vulnerabilities. Only Bernie Sanders proved to be as deluded in his ambitions as he was in his politics. Only he thought that he could actually win a rigged race against Hillary.

The DNC taught him better. Eventually. It took lawsuits, voter fraud and every dirty trick in the book.

In pursuit of her ambitions, Hillary has been willing to dismantle the superdelegate system for the future, pulling out the chair from future establishment candidates, just so she can get hers. This move, like so many others, demonstrated that there is no Democratic Party. Just the Hillary Party.

The game hasn’t just been rigged. It’s been fixed from the top down.

But that’s the way it always was for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton has never competed in an honest election. And she has never won an election in which an actual capable opponent showed up. Despite the best efforts of the DNC, she struggled against a senile socialist with no math skills who repeated the same few lines no matter what the topic was.

Imagine if she had gone up against Cory Booker or Joe Biden. Hillary would have lost and badly.

That is why Hillary commands an army of minions like Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Clintonworld is a vast enterprise that encompasses non-profit groups and more traditional political organizations which exist solely to smooth her path to the White House. The Clintons are their own country with their own complicated internal government, intelligence agencies, phantom air force, huge budgets and ties to foreign nations.

After Benghazi, it was Clintonites like Cheryl Mills who jumped into action to cover up the truth. Mills had also showed up to purge State Department files after Benghazi, not to mention after numerous other Clinton scandals. After Vince Foster’s suicide, Maggie Williams, Hillary’s chief of staff, removed her documents from his office. Williams went on to manage Hillary’s failed presidential campaign and these days she has a gig at the Clinton Foundation.

That is the secret of how the Clintons can attract so many people to lie, cheat and steal for them. It’s not personal loyalty. Unlike her husband, Hillary Clinton has no charisma. Instead it’s careerism.

The Clintons haven’t just been funneling money for themselves. They built a vast network that would make crime pay. Even if Debbie Wasserman Schultz has to drop out of politics, she’ll have a cushy spot waiting for her in some obscure crevice of the Clinton Foundation funded by arms dealers, Persian Gulf sheikhs and even worse fellows who make them look like princes. Bernie had nothing like it to offer.

Forcing Debbie Wasserman Schultz out accomplishes nothing. The Clintons have built their careers on being able to buy the temporary allegiances of political hacks like her with other people’s money. Until they lose access to that money, the system will continue to be rigged for Hillary by Debbie and Sandy and Maggie and Cheryl and anyone else looking forward to a lifetime sinecure from Clintonworld.

It’s that dirty and that simple.

The Clintons are the source of the corruption. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ only crime was getting caught. But Clintonworld takes care of its own. Just ask Susan McDougal or Sandy Berger.

The Clintons have become a political dynasty, a royal family crossed with organized crime, a network of secretive institutions trading promises for power and money for loyalty. The corruption of the DNC is neither surprising nor remarkable. Not when the Clintons have corrupted everything else they ever touched from their state to their party to their country.

It’s not just that the Clintons are corrupt. Politics breeds corruption. It’s that their ambition and sense of entitlement have no limitations. There is nothing that they will not do to win. And they think big.

If they can’t win an election, they rig it. If their party doesn’t like them, they take over the party.

But for all the grandiose plans, the Clintons are petty. The DNC leaks show us that Clinton power is built on putting a lot of corrupt dirty little people into places where they can serve their ambitions. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a ridiculous character, is exactly the type of political hack that the Clintons love. Egotistical, incompetent, vain, absurd, amoral and willing to do anything and everything to get ahead. The typical Clintonite is convinced that their talents are overlooked and resentful of everyone else.

The Clintons have a peculiar talent for finding these sorts of people and seeding them throughout government. And this tidal wave of political hacks, thousands of Schultz’, follows in their wake wherever they go. And the damage they do continues on even long after the Clintons have moved on.

This army of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ will accompany the Clintons into the halls of government if they win. They will do anything for them in the hopes of a lucrative government job and then a consultancy gig if the Clintons win.

But if the Clintons lose, if the promise of their political dynasty ends, then they will lose everything.