Don Cheadle Calls Trump a 'POS' Instead of the Two Black Felons Who Killed Black Chicago Mom

Where's the Hollywood actor's Twitter rant against the thugs who took the life of an innocent mother of four?

Liberal Hollywood actors remind us all too often why they should stick to the mindless profession of being stars – rather than intellectuals.  Rather than expressing fear and loathing for the two black men with guns who killed mother-of-four Nykea Aldridge, black actor Don Cheadle wished death upon Donald Trump.

“You are truly a POS. Sorry. I misspelled ‘die in a grease fire,’” Cheadle tweeted. 

This was in response to Trump’s tweet:

“Dwayne Wade’s cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in Chicago. Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP!”

Days before Aldridge’s murder, Trump made direct appeals to black voters. At several campaign rallies, Trump reminded black voters that Democrats have done nothing to stop the black-on-black genocide in cities like Chicago, where Aldridge was mercilessly gunned down. Clearly, Trump was making the case for why blacks should vote for him. Chicago, like Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, New Orleans, St. Louis and so many other predominately black cities have been controlled by Democrats for decades and are cesspools of blacks killing each other.  Consistently and historically, the Democrats, who control these cities, do nothing to solve the problem of violence. Trump is accurately pointing out the Con Job that Democrats are pulling on blacks – to their own peril. 

But like Hillary Clinton, Democrats promise every election cycle that black lives matter to them. Democrats campaign to fix the same problems of violence, poverty, unemployment and low education rates that have plagued and ensnared these communities for the past half century. Nothing changes, as Trump said; so what do blacks have to lose in voting for him? Not much indeed.

After registering her kids for school, the mother-of-four was shot while pushing her newborn in the stroller. Two armed black felons, who were brothers, killed this 32-year-old mother.  “Black mother of four killed by two black armed men,” declared the Liberal media … never.

Instead of wishing death to the two black thugs who killed Dwayne Wade’s cousin, the black Hollywood actor Cheadle excoriates Trump for his truthful tweet. Perhaps facts aren’t Cheadle’s thing, or he – like the mainstream media – isn’t bothered by the black deaths piling up in Chicago caused by blacks. 

Derren Sorrells, 22, and Darwin Sorrells, 26, were convicted felons and really bad black guys. The Democrat-run city of Chicago managed by Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, screwed up! The day he and his brother killed Aldridge, Derren Sorrells had been released for a daily break from his electronic monitoring bracelet. Derren had a rap sheet of six felony arrests.   

His brother Darwin Sorrells had been released early from a six-year prison sentence in January 2013 and was on parole for a gun charge.  One would think that Cheadle would call these two black thugs the real “POS” – not Trump. Murders have increased by nearly 50% in mostly-black Chicago over last year. In fact, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson attributes 85% of the gun violence in the city to gang members, not racist cops or Trump, as liberals like Cheadle would like everyone to believe. According to the Associated Press, July was a historically deadly month in Chicago, with 65 homicides committed, the most in that month since 2006. 

Where is Cheadle’s Twitter rant of outrage at these senseless killings of blacks by blacks? Moreover, why isn’t #BlackLivesMatter trending on twitter over Aldridge’s death, or over the 450 murders that have taken place in Chicago to date? Cheadle and other liberals have manufactured outrage only for Republicans who dare offer solutions, or when a white, armed man kills a black person (which is rare in Chicago and most inner cities). 

The sad reality is that Democrats will never address the problem driving black-on-black genocide in our inner cities. Nearly 75% of all black babies today are born out of wedlock to fatherless homes. I’ve spoken and written obsessively about this pathology. Until America reforms Welfare and enacts policies to encourage more marriage among blacks, none of this carnage will end. If you’re an unwed, uneducated teenage woman having a baby, the chances of your child growing up in poverty and turning to crime are over 50%.

While I grieve for Aldridge, it’s interesting to note that there’s no mention in any of the news coverage of her having a husband. Yet, she was the mother of four children; one of whom is an infant. Before blacks started voting solidly Democrat in 1964, most of the babies, about 77%, were born into married households. Something to think about.