Downton Abbey: The Dowager Countess on Big Government (Video)

"Your great-grandchildren won't thank you when the state is all-powerful because we didn't fight."

For an entertaining change of pace, check out this brief clip from a recent episode of the extraordinarily popular TV series Downton Abbey. In this scene, the Dowager countess played by the acting icon Maggie Smith expounds upon her attitude toward freedom and big government. It’s a pleasant surprise for conservative viewers, who don’t often hear their viewpoint expressed so affirmatively without being held up for ridicule.

“For years I’ve watched governments take control of our lives, and their argument is always the same: fewer costs, greater efficiency,” she tells her companions. “But the result is the same too: less control by the people, more control by the state, until the individual’s own wishes count for nothing. That is what I consider my duty to resist.”

When one of the ladies argues otherwise, the Countess replies, “Your great-grandchildren won’t thank you when the state is all-powerful because we didn’t fight.”

Bravo, Countess.