End the Anti-Cop Witch Hunt

The Obama-#BlackLivesMatter cases have fallen apart, it’s time to tell the truth.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

The dirty alliance between Obama and #BlackLivesMatter has torched cities, goosed crime rates, killed cops and suppressed law enforcement with the Ferguson Effect. But the lies about “police murders” fall apart when they come up against even the most basic evidentiary standards of the justice system.

The refusal of a grand jury to indict the police officer in the Tamir Rice case buries yet another of BLM’s banner cases. The Tamir Rice case joins the Michael Brown case, the Sandra Bland case, the Eric Garner case and the faltering Freddie Gray case in the litany of failed police lynchings by BLM and the DOJ.

In four out of five of these cases, the DOJ-BLM pro-crime lobby couldn’t even get an indictment.

What does it say about a movement when its claims repeatedly fail evidence-based tests? Angry racist protesters scream about justice, but the justice system has spoken. Racist activists have tried to blame individual prosecutors, jurors and judges, but a consistent pattern has emerged, no matter what the race and political orientation of the prosecutors or jurors, BLM’s cases just don’t hold up in court.

Rather than admit the truth, #BlackLivesMatter has escalated the hate. And Obama’s Justice Department has pursued extralegal vendettas against entire police departments. The DOJ has failed to find grounds for charges against individual officers, but instead lashed out at entire departments. The DOJ’s pettiness can be seen in its assault on the Ferguson Police Department after its attempt to compel the department to suppress the video of Michael Brown robbing a store before his death failed.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder blamed Ferguson police for the lies that he and his allies had spread about the Michael Brown case. In one of the most surreal moments of the Ferguson circus, the former Attorney General, who had turned the Department of Justice over to Al Sharpton, insisted that the local police had created a “toxic environment” of “mistrust and resentment” that caused what Holder called, an “alternative version of events” to be widely believed by the protesters, rioters and looters. An alternative name for that “alternative version of events” is shameless social justice lie.

The Attorney General of the United States was blaming the police for the lies that he had helped spread about them and then, even while admitting that the lies were not true, blamed these lies on the men victimized by them. His position could be summarized as, “If they hadn’t done anything wrong, nobody would have believed the lies we spread about them.”

It was a new low in cynicism, dishonesty and victim-blaming from Obama and his corrupt cronies.

Now as case after case falls apart, the DOJ end of the campaign under Holder and Lynch is exposed as a crude shakedown of police departments by Obama allies based on cases that don’t hold up in court. No matter how badly the inciting cases against individual officers are discredited, Holder and Lynch stick to their larger agenda of using them to attack entire police departments and entire cities.

The Ferguson police department was stomped on by Holder not because the Michael Brown case had any legitimacy to it, but through a fishing expedition which uncovered such outrageous violations of civil rights as politically incorrect emails about the Obamas and the lack of diversity on the force.

Even though the Michael Brown case had utterly collapsed, Holder’s social justice elves dug through thousands of emails until they came up with a racist joke about Obama from 2008. Not to mention a 2011 email which “included jokes that are based on offensive stereotypes about Muslims.”

What do these Muslim jokes this have to do with the Michael Brown case? Nothing. Nada. Zero.

The DOJ investigations of police departments are fishing trips. And when you fish hard enough through thousands of emails you will find something, anything you can use as a weapon against cops.

Even if it’s an email from seven years ago.

That’s not how our justice system is supposed to work. Bringing baseless charges so you can ransack everything in a fishing expedition to build a case around the results is an actual civil rights violation.

The DOJ’s broad spectrum assaults are about forcibly transforming police departments to prevent them from fighting crime using an ugly toolbox ranging from protests organized by its own in-house community organizers of the Community Relations Service (CRS) to harassment and surveillance. The broader message to police departments across the country is that fighting crime will be punished.

That’s how the Ferguson Effect was born. The police are too afraid to fight crime, not because of the criminals on the block, but because of the criminals in the DOJ and the White House.

If the government had claimed that there was a major crisis and targeted a group based on cases that fell apart one after another, civil libertarians would be up in arms. And yet when it comes to Obama’s war on cops, the civil libertarians are cheering on a crackdown based on a manufactured crisis.

Few civil libertarians had anything to say when Holder, who has championed the rights of drug dealers and terrorists, wanted a lower standard of proof for civil rights crimes. Holder was arguing that we need to protect civil rights by making it easier to take away people’s civil rights. This Orwellian punchline was met with enthusiastic cheers from the same people who think it’s too easy to send a drug dealer to jail.

Obama is leveraging baseless cases to investigate police departments and city governments. The racist mobs that looted and burned their way through entire neighborhoods and the #BlackLivesMatter racists invading what they call “white spaces” like restaurants, malls and Christmas tree lightings to terrorize the people whose “privileged” skin color they hate are stalking horses for government intimidation.

Even though the Tamir Rice case failed the test, the DOJ will still continue its “independent review”. Just as the DOJ continues to target as many police forces as it can to enforce its pro-crime agenda.

And that’s what this is really about. The only people who stand to benefit from a war on cops are criminals and their leftist allies who use them to destroy cities and implement their agenda.

This is not about race. If Obama and #BlackLivesMatter really cared about black lives, they wouldn’t put violent crack dealers back on the street or make it harder for police to stop the gang shootings that are responsible for the murder rate in the black community. It’s about exploiting black people for the left.

Black jurors have been no more willing than white jurors to ratify the anti-police agenda. The mostly black jury in the trial of a black police officer being blamed for the death of drug dealer Freddie Gray did not deliver. And the prospects for the next trial don’t look much better.

As Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., Front Page Magazine’s Man of the Year, has said, “War had been declared on the American police officer led by some high profile people, one of them coming out of the White House, and one coming out of the United States Department of Justice.”

It’s time to end Obama’s war on cops. The evidence has been heard. It’s rarely even been enough to get an indictment. The racist mobs screaming hate and looting stores, protesting the death of a criminal with more crime, were in the wrong all along.

Holder has refused to admit that even when his own DOJ couldn’t back up the Michael Brown lie. Lynch won’t admit it. Obama certainly won’t. But conservatives must stop allowing themselves to be divided. The pro-crime side has had more than enough time prove its case. It has failed miserably.

If you are a conservative who believes in civil liberties, what about the civil liberties of police officers who were defamed, fired and forced to go into hiding based on baseless lies?

If you believe in civil liberties, you should reject lowering the standard of proof for civil rights cases, just as you do for every other type of crime.

If you believe in civil liberties, you should stand up and fight against using discredited cases and a manufactured crisis to mount fishing expeditions against thousands of innocent people.

When the Attorney General offers a defense of the Ferguson lie that amounts to “fake, but accurate”, blaming police for his own malfeasance, you should be outraged at his abuse of power.

America doesn’t have a police problem. It has a crime problem. And it’s time to let the police fight it.