The Enemies Within

A new documentary by Trevor Loudon exposes the subversion of our own government.

For more than 30 years, New Zealander Trevor Loudon has been obsessively researching the radical left’s infiltration and subversion of American government. He has written two books, Barack Obama and the Enemies Within and The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress, and toured all over the United States, addressing hundreds of conservative, Republican, Tea Party, and religious groups to sound the alarm. Now Loudon has written and directed a new documentary, The Enemies Within, the riveting culmination of his work to expose the Communist presence that still threatens to collapse the United States from within.

Check out the trailer for The Enemies Within here, and order your copy of the DVD here.

The indefatigable Mr. Loudon took time out from touring to answer a few questions for FrontPage Mag.

Mark Tapson: How did you, as a New Zealander, become passionate about investigating the infiltration of the American government by our enemies?

Trevor Loudon: It started back in 1984 when our newly-elected socialist Labour government banned nuclear warships from our harbors. This destroyed NZ’s military alliance with your country. I interviewed a NZ government spy who had infiltrated the highest levels of the NZ Communist Party. He trained in Moscow in 1983 and participated in the planning of the NZ government’s anti-nuclear policies.

I began to research the influence of the far left on mainstream political parties, which lead me inevitably to researching communist influence in the U.S. Democratic Party. It was during this research that I uncovered the connections between Barack Obama and Hawaiian communist Frank Marshall Davis, and also the communist roots of former Obama “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones.

MT:     You note that democratic socialism is like Stage One cancer and it always leads to terminal Communism. But “democratic socialism” is a term that today’s young idealists find very appealing and positive (even though they can’t seem to define it). How much mileage do you think our subversive enemies are getting among young people by dressing up Communism with that more innocuous label?

TL: Tremendous mileage. I attended The People’s Summit in Chicago with 3000 democratic socialists and old line communists earlier this year. They were indistinguishable. Bernie Sanders, a communist in everything but name, is backed by Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and the Communist Party USA. Sanders has deceived millions with his “make America like Sweden and Denmark” rhetoric. In reality, he has backed Stalinist and communist movements his entire life. 

DSA subscribes to the theories of Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci and is nothing more than a cover for communism.

MT: In your documentary you name names and connect the dots among many of our major government officials and their Communist/Islamist supporters. Why do you think it took you, a concerned foreigner doing his own research, to do the job of exposing these connections that our own journalists don’t seem to care about?

TL: Because the majority of American journalists are liberal/progressive, and actively oppose anyone who dares to expose the growing communist influence in your government. Most conservative journalist are either ignorant of the problem, or so terrified of being ostracized or ridiculed they avoid the subject like the plague. For years the Italian/American mafia prospered because they were able to operate with little scrutiny. The American neo-communist movement has a similar advantage. Only a very few, like FrontPage Magazine have done any work to expose this movement.

I learned how communism works in NZ, and have applied the lessons here. I have no qualms about calling people out for what they are. If America does not cleanse its government of this out-of-control subversive influence, every free country will be endangered.

MT: Tell us about the Red-Green Axis and how and why they work together to further each other’s destructive aims.

TL: The Soviets/Russians have always cultivated and co-opted Islamic organizations – initially to prevent rebellion inside their own borders, and since the 1950s, to weaponize Islam against the Western nations.

Palestinian Liberation Organization and Muslim Brotherhood operatives were trained in several Eastern Bloc countries, and by Soviet and East German instructors in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. This alliance continues today with Cuban and Venezuelan support for Hezbollah. 

Much of the current Iranian leadership was trained by the KGB at Moscow’s Patrice Lumumba University, for instance. 

Today you have Black Lives Matter (a front for Workers World Party and Freedom Road Socialist Organization), travelling to Palestine and Moscow for support. You have the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) working closely with several communist parties, and with many members of the Democratic Caucus: Keith Ellison, Andre Carson, John Conyers, and Judy Chu, to name a few. 

Partly this is an alliance of convenience, partly it is a co-option of Islam by communists, much as Liberation Theology is a co-option of Christianity by Marxist operatives

MT: Can you discuss the radical transformation of labor unions over the last 50 years and why that is such a significant part of this story?

TL: In 1994 the formerly anti-communist AFL-CIO was captured by John Sweeney and his DSA comrades. The anti-communist clause was removed from the AFL-CIO’s constitution, and Marxist flooded in. Now all major unions are under Marxist control.

Before this occurred, the unions (and by extension the Democratic Party) were completely opposed to illegal immigration. Now they’re the leading force for amnestying America’s 12 to 40 million illegals.

Why? Because the communist-controlled unions hope to create 10 to 30 million new Democratic voters to create a permanent Democratic majority controlled by the unions, who are led by communists.

The unions are selling their own members’ jobs down the river to create an American one-party state. How cynical is that?

MT: Your documentary ends on an inspirational challenge to American citizens to refuse to be daunted by the degree to which the enemy has already succeeded. What are a couple of things the average American can do to help save this country?

TL: The good news is that there are still way more of us than there are of them. The problem is that many of us don’t vote. This has enabled the left to force their policies down our throats, and demoralize much of our base. 

We must work to mobilize the 30 million Evangelical Christians who don’t usually vote, and all those Republican supporters who think they have luxury of sitting this one out. 

We must get behind those Republicans in the House and Senate who are working to officially designate the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) as a terrorist organization. This would close down CAIR, MAS, ISNA, ICNA, etc overnight. It would send shock waves through the pro-Sharia Islamic world.

We must work to establish an independent body, with representatives from all US intelligence agencies to vet any Senator or Congressmember who wishes to serve on any committee in the House.

This would prevent MB front activists like Andre Carson serving on the intelligence committee for instance At least 100 Congressmembers and 20 Senators are so enmeshed in communist or MB front groups they couldn’t pass an FBI check to drive a school bus.

There are currently no background checks to even serve on the House Intelligence Committee. This insane situation has to end if American liberty is to survive and regenerate.