The Environmentalist World War

How environmentalism causes war with Russia, China and Islam.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2014/03/173042068.jpg)The Saudi Monarchy and Putin aren’t afraid of Barack Obama or even of an F-35; they’re afraid of fracking.

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal said that “North American shale gas production is an inevitable threat.” And Putin suddenly turned into an environmentalist when it came to fracking warning that it makes “black stuff comes out of the tap.”

The Russians and the Saudis are both threatened by American energy production for economic reasons and political reasons. America’s import of oil turned Saudi Arabia from a backward country of goat herders not that much more advanced than Afghanistan into a world power whose armies are the legions of Muslim settlers and terrorists spreading across the world.

Without Saudi oil, the Clash of Civilizations with Islam might not even be happening. Energy also allowed Putin to shore up a flailing government and put it back on the path to becoming an expanding empire. But it wasn’t really the KGB oligarchy or the Saudi monarchy that made those things happen.

It was our own environmentalists.

Islam is spreading terror worldwide fueled by oil and dreams of a global Caliphate. Asian countries face a war with China over oil in the South China Sea. Russia is rebuilding the Soviet Union at gunpoint and gaspoint. As Russia, China and Islamic groups gain more confidence; the scale of their conquests will only increase. And all three have become serious threats because of environmentalism.

Environmentalism drove Western nations to export dirty jobs and industries abroad. China gobbled up American manufacturing while Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE took up American energy production.  Putin arrived late to the party, but still managed to do to Europe what the Saudis had done to the US. Europe won’t do anything about Russia’s expansionism because it has come to depend on it.

US imports of crude oil quadrupled between 1970 and 1980 while domestic crude oil production continued to fall. Not that long ago the United States was importing 60 percent of its petroleum.  Among other economic and social factors, the rise in crude oil imports aligned neatly with the rise of the environmental movement. By the seventies, environmental fanaticism was written into Federal law.

The Saudi GDP went from 4.2 billion in 1968 to over a hundred billion by 1980 and to over half a trillion today. Some of that money went to yachts, prostitutes and palaces, but much of it went into the expansion of Saudi soft power through international Islamic institutions and equally international terror.

This period would also become known as the dawn of modern international terrorism.

Between 1978 and 1991, the Saudis gave Arafat’s terrorists almost a billion dollars. They couldn’t have been that generous in 1968, but by 1980, they could easily spare the money.

Saudi Arabia today is listed as the principal funder of Sunni terrorist groups worldwide, but it started small by funding the PLO, which helped pioneer many of the tactics that groups such as Al Qaeda make use of, before moving on to funding them. Even more significantly, the Saudis helped set up the cultural and political framework for the Islamization of the West.

Putin’s power and threat level likewise grew with the rising tide of environmentalism.  Production of European renewables increased by 70% from 2002 to 2010 while production of crude oil fell 40% and natural gas production fell by 24.9%. The only way to make up the shortfall between Green Energy and real energy without increasing domestic “dirty” energy production was through dirtier foreign imports.

Between 2000 and 2010, the UK went from an energy exporter to an energy importer. Europe went from importing less than half of its natural gas to importing 62 percent of it. While the Russian overall share dropped, the low production rates left Europe more dependent than ever. And the difference was made up by Qatar; another top funder of Islamic terrorism worldwide, responsible for, among other things, the Syrian Civil War.

Reagan had opposed the Trans-Siberian pipeline using everything from sanctions to sabotaged equipment to stop the Soviet Union from gaining energy leverage over Western Europe. His larger solution to the Soviet energy threat however was to rely on the Saudis and now Western Europe, faced with the threat of Putin, is repeating that mistake by turning to Qatar, which has become an even bigger terror state than Saudi Arabia.

There is some muted talk about nuclear power, but even though nuclear power has been endorsed by environmentalists from Gaia theorist James Lovelock to the late Paul Newman, the safer political option, is to throw more money at “renewables” while filling energy needs from some convenient enemy state.

The Trans-Siberian pipeline that allows the Greens to play at self-righteous ecology with renewables while their actual needs are taken care of by Russia and Qatar was built with slave labor.

The Sakharov Committee’s hearing, chaired by a former assistant prosecutor at the Nuremburg Trials, reported that prisoners in pipeline labor camps went hungry and experienced outbreaks of disease; women were forced to work on the pipeline and were sexually assaulted by guards.

The workers, some of them political dissidents, ate lichens out of hunger. The writer Julia Vosnessenskaya testified that due to the lack of nutrition, “most of us left the camps infertile.”

This was the pipeline that Reagan tried to stop, that European countries financed and fought for and are now chained by.  Europe can choose Qatar over Russia, but Qatar also bases its economy on slave labor.

Europe is desperately searching for a moral energy policy, but the only truly moral energy policy is domestic production. Environmentalists have made that impossible by hijacking domestic energy production into the so-called renewables which are expensive, unreliable and whose worthlessness creates a dependency on foreign energy.

And even Green Energy often directly relies on equipment from China or investments from Qatar.

Green Energy only means that actual energy has to come from countries less finicky about pollution and human rights leading to slave labor, repression, terror and war. Environmentalism has brought us to the edge of world war by turning over manufacturing to China and energy to Russia and Saudi Arabia.

China and Islam became major threats due to policies that took hold in the sixties and seventies. Russia became a major threat because of policies from the nineties and oughts. It may take a decade for the consequences of environmental policies to begin kicking in, but when they do, they are horrific.

Energy and manufacturing outsourcing don’t make the world cleaner. China and Russia are fantastically dirty. The Gulf War and various other conflicts involving oil countries have spewed more pollution into the atmosphere than all the cars of Los Angeles.

Nor can it be said that they make the world a better place when Islam, Russia and China are dragging the world into war.

Green Energy doesn’t lead to energy independence. Instead it puts money into the pockets of tyrants and terrorists. A new century has become clotted with wars because of the environmental activists perversely campaigning for a cleaner world.

Instead of a greener world, they have given us a Green World War.

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