Farewell, America?

The beast of socialism grins at America in deadly fun.

[Editor’s note: the following is a poem written by Alexander Matlin in Russian and translated by Alex Gefter.]

**Farewell, America!

Farewell, my country, sweet and dear!
Farewell, America! For with malevolent intent
The socialism’s havens from afar to near
Will flash at any time across the continent.

From San-Diego to Detroit
From Idaho to Tennessee
A Brave New World is rising in the void
Just like in Russia - you will see!

“Down with the capital as slaving institution!
Have no qualms-it must be thrown away!
We are for good old wealth re-distribution,
We’ll fight for everyone’s equality – today!

All salaries will match each other
In sunny land with people free indeed!
No rich or poor – everyone’s a brother:
Equality of dispossessed of property and greed!

The equals of the world – unite!
The Hope is near and the Change!
And ACORN’s ranks are swelling tight
Impatiently at close range.

To Hope! Full forward, girl and lad!
The signal “Yes, We Can” is on!
And here’s Him, in humble garment clad,
Is leading us to Change horizon!

You there - no wavering allowed on the ship!
For He Himself is at the helm – hurrah!
We now offering a hand of friendship
To Chavez and to Hezbollah!

And to Hamas and North Korea
Iran and Cuba – in a rush.
They may forgive us – great idea!
When we apologize and promptly blush.

We’ll feed each one and give them stuff…
Foes they are no more – and we’ll be saved!
And in return we’ll get a heartfelt love
From them, “the world of hungry and enslaved”!

There’ll never be about-face!
As one we’ll keep our forward course!
And free healthcare will be put in place,
For healthy people is a national resource!

We’ll love each other as mandated goal,
But Him we simply will adore!
We’ll outlaw the nasty oil and coal,
To trash the planet no more!

The capitalism dead will drop
From our resolve to kill this evil!
To global warming we will put a stop
The private businesses will cause no more upheaval!

And happy kids will learn from their birth
To chant and praise the Dear Leader
For greatest childhood on Earth,
For being the Protector and the Feeder!

We’ll worship not what soon is outlawed:
We’ll ban the lesser Gods in every region!
But we will glorify, with His approving nod,
The truth and peace of the Islam religion!

Yes, we will chase right out of existence
Both Christianity and Judaism!
As far as CIA, the nest of all resistance -
It will be neutralized through legal activism.

And when the real crushing starts and we’ll assemble
To see what’s left in the Pandora’s Box,
All “people’s enemies” will shake and tremble,
When we bring justice to the Pentagon and Channel Fox!

Two-party bickering will vanish,
Like melting snow always turns to jolly springs!
And the entire GOP will sing in Spanish
About all the good that socialism brings!

You there - carry on your orders snappy!
And you will love your neighbor only if the Party tells!
Eyes Left! Atten-tion! Don’t feel happy??
You, comrade, better feel the happiness – or else!”

Sky’s turning dark, stars shining coldly,
Chill strikes the heart of this ex-Soviet escapee…
Left’s criminal insanity advances boldly.
Is it too late to stop it? How can it be?!

I’m shattering to think that millions died in vain.
The beast of socialism grins at America in deadly fun…
Oh, how hurts the recollections’ pain!
My friend, there isn’t any other place to run…

© Editorial translation by Alex Gefter.

All rights reserved reprinting and publishing by permission only.