Ferguson Hipsters Out to Ruin Christmas

They won’t stop until everyone in America hates them.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2014/12/lead.jpg)After trying and failing to ruin Thanksgiving by protesting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Ferguson protesters have set their sights on disrupting Christmas tree lightings in a confused plot to make absolutely everyone in America hate them.

But don’t confuse the Ferguson Protesters 2.0 screaming “Black Lives Matter” at terrified little kids in a mall or blocking highways so that nurses can’t get to work with the shirtless looters of Ferguson.

The Ferguson Protesters 2.0 are the same old gang of Occupier dropouts; Ivy League hipsters affiliated with radical leftist groups, Trustafarians in plaid panhandling in cities while pecking away at iPads, angry interns at non-profits scoring college credits for protests and revolutionary Communists out of Chevy Chase and East Lake Shore Drive scowling righteously at everyone.

Think of everyone you ever met who wore a Che t-shirt and realize that he’s probably somewhere out there right now screaming “Black lives matter” at a confused family doing some holiday shopping.

They aren’t in Ferguson where there’s no artisanal pizza curated from locally sourced ingredients. Instead they’re in San Francisco, Seattle or Boston screaming that their local mall is just like Ferguson.

Unlike the 1.0 model, the Ferguson Protester 2.0 is more whiny than violent. Don’t expect her to loot any stores while doing her die-in at the mall. She wouldn’t be caught dead shopping there anyway. Don’t expect him to throw anything heavier than a water bottle at you without spraining his wrist.

Ferguson Protester 1.0 was looking for an excuse to smash something. Ferguson Protester 2.0 wants to irritate you into taking a swing at him so he has something to post to his Instagram besides an overworked security guard manhandling him out of a mall while he screams “Power to the people”.

Ferguson 2.0 tries to hide that it’s whiter than Darren Wilson by putting black organizers out front and writing hysterical denunciations of “white people” for not standing behind the few black protesters.

In the 60s it was “Chicks Up Front” (a tactic currently reborn as the “War on Women”); at Ferguson 2.0 it’s “Blacks Up Front” so that the three half-black students in hipster glasses will hide the three dozen white students in hipster glasses standing behind them. The media is eager to cooperate by taking photos from the right angles and of the right protesters (minorities, but not Asian) to make the protests seem like they have something to do with Michael Brown.

They don’t.

Even the Ferguson 1.0 protests had nothing to do with Michael Brown. He was just the excuse for CNN and a whole bunch of Chicago community organizers, Muslim terrorist supporters, citizen journalists with their own Tumblrs and semi-professional looters to turn the whole place into a burning circus. If Michael Brown had died of a drug overdose, of an angry Asian store manager with a shotgun or a bullet fired by a black cop, none of the people wearing shirts with his face on it would care.

Instead they would have a shirt with the face of some other violent thug who is currently lying forgotten and un-merchandised in a morgue because the only truly sad thing about Brown’s death is that he is interchangeable. His family exploited his death to cash in, fighting each other violently over t-shirt sales while leaving him without a headstone. The protesters exploited him to loot stores and burn cars.

The Ferguson 2.0 protests with their disruption of holiday events aren’t there for him. What does breaking up carolers or fighting against giant Snoopy balloons have to do with Brown? What is a red-faced hipster screaming “Black lives matter” at crying little girls in a Seattle mall accomplishing?

Ferguson 2.0 is even less about Michael Brown than 1.0 was. It’s about the same things that Occupy Wall Street and every lefty lecture on racism are really about; contempt for the bourgeoisie, distaste for the middle class by an elite that despises it as shallow and soulless, lacking in depth and meaning.

Ferguson 2.0 is hipster politics.

The furious hipster thinks that he is a deep and spiritual person because he is outraged by Ferguson. But the whole reason he is outraged by the Michael Brown shooting is because he believes that America isn’t. If outrage over Brown were a national consensus, then he would be declaring it a distraction from the issues that truly matter. And those issues would stop mattering if most Americans agreed on them

Wealthy brats throwing a die-in tantrum by lying down in a mall and screaming at middle class shoppers for not caring about the things that they don’t actually want them to care about is the core of the left.

The left wants America to be racist because that justifies its own misguided sense of superiority. It wants it to be poor so that it can campaign against income inequality. It wants America to bomb Muslims so that it has something to protest against. It is trapped in a permanent rebellion against an invisible father who gives them something that their own tolerant parents never could; something to rebel against.

Trying to ruin Thanksgiving and Christmas are spiteful acts that have nothing to do with Ferguson, Michael Brown, police brutality or racism in America. The purpose of shouting down carolers isn’t to assert that “Black lives matter” but that the egos of the shouters do.

The message of Ferguson 2.0 is the same message coming out of Obama Inc. It’s that Americans ought to be miserable because they deserve to be miserable. White privilege is our refusal to acknowledge that we should be unhappy because we don’t deserve happiness. We should feel guilty.

But we don’t.

Ferguson was another of the left’s morality plays teaching us that we are bad people. It was never about Michael Brown just as ObamaCare was never about helping the uninsured. It was about punishing us.

Ferguson 2.0 is taking the left’s tantrum to your morning commute and your holiday outing. It’s the whine of aspiring community organizers whose mission statement is to make you suffer for social justice so that you’ll become as “deep” and “empathetic” as the sorts of people who prevent health care workers from getting to their jobs to make an asinine point about their own moral superiority.

The Ferguson 2.0 protesters won’t stay there. They are the politicians and non-profit executives of tomorrow. They will be in the White House and the EPA and a dozen other alphabet agencies setting policy. Their tantrums are futile but activism builds their resume. It announces that they are radicals eager to work on wrecking the system from within.

Now they’re ruining a Christmas tree lighting. Tomorrow if they aren’t stopped they’ll be running and ruining America.


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