Forget Micro-Aggressions! Get Serious About Micro-Treasons!

Why it's high time we define micro-treasons -- and take action against them.

The campus moonbatocracy in the US has become obsessed with “micro-aggressions.“   These are supposed to be seemingly harmless words or forms of behavior that make fashionable minorities feel oppressed.   Things like wearing a sombrero on Halloween or telling a black women that you are proud that she graduated cum laude.  I guess a macro-aggression would be to ask her if she’d like some watermelon.  You can see a collection of alleged micro-aggressions here.

Well, it occurred to me that the jihad against micro-aggressions (and using the word jihad of course is a macro-aggression against Moslems) just invites us to balance the scales of sanity be defining a new concept.

Comrades, it is time we define micro-treasons and begin to take serious action against them.

Micro-treasons are acts that are far less blatant than macro-treasons.  The latter would include joining ISIS or a Marxist group or Students for Justice in Palestine or Peace Now.  Micro-treasons are far less obvious.  They come in various forms.  Here are a few examples:

-  Referring to terrorists as militants or activists;

-  Referring to Israeli control of the West Bank as occupation;

-  Describing capitalism as piggish and harmful and anti-humane;

-  Using the word ‘neoliberalism;’

-  Using the term ‘Nakba;’

-  Studying anthropology;

-  Saying ‘he or she’ every time a third person non-gender pronoun is needed;

-  Describing the election of Obama as the triumph of hope;

-  Referring to Muslim migrants entering Hungary and Germany as refugees; 

-  Using the term white privilege in any sentence;

-  Using the word apartheid to refer to any country other than erstwhile South Africa.

-  Using the term “The Other 99%;”

-  Demanding safe spaces;

-  Almost any use of the word solidarity; 

-  Use of the term resistance, except in physics;

-  Almost any use of the word class for anything other than a classroom; 

-  Protesting against globalization;

-  Accusing non-leftists of divisiveness;

-  Use of the term ‘economic justice;’

-  Use of the term ‘judgmentalism;’

-  Use of the term ‘sustainable;’

-  Use of the term ‘micro-aggression.’