Freedom Center's Poster Campaign Hits Campus Jew-Haters

Posters expose BDS supporters as allies of Hamas.

Editor’s note: The David Horowitz Freedom Center recently launched its newest campus poster campaign challenging the atmosphere of rampant Jew-hatred rising on American campuses. The posters appeared on five campuses — UC Santa Barbra, San Diego State University, UC Santa Cruz, UCLA and UC Berkeley — and targeted the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which the posters identify as a “Hamas-inspired genocidal campaign to destroy Israel, the world’s only Jewish state.” Several posters also named a number of prominent BDS activists on each campus and exposed their alliance with the Palestinian war of annihilation against Israel. A selection of the posters are featured below. 

The posters are part of a larger Freedom Center campaign titled Stop the Jew Hatred on Campus which seeks to confront the agents of campus anti-Semitism and refute the genocidal lies about the Jewish state spread by Palestinian terrorists and their campus allies. These lies include the claims that Israel occupies Palestinian land and that Israel is an apartheid state. These lies and rebuttals to them may be found on the campaign website,