As Global Anti-Semitism Rises, We Must Stop Funding Terror

In the context of global anti-Semitism, the murder of three Jewish boys shouldn't come as a surprise.

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As many in the Western world grieve and attempt to comprehend the brutal murder of three Israeli teenagers – including one American – emotions abound. Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Fraenkel, three yeshiva students from central Israel, were kidnapped and murdered by Arab terrorists while on their way home from school.  Their crime was simply that they were Jews daring to live in Israel. Although disturbing, when viewed in the context of Palestinian culture, this crime is not  shocking. One cannot be surprised that a society governed by a regime that indoctrinates its children to hate Jews would actually produce individuals who act on that impulse and murder them.

Viewed in the context of global Jew hatred, this heinous crime is not an aberration. There has been a disturbing rise in anti-Semitism around the world and responses have ranged from disinterest in the slaughter of Jews to sympathy with the “freedom fighters” seeking to “kill” them.

Consider the current state of European anti-Semitism. In May, two men and one woman were murdered in cold blood at a Jewish museum in Brussels. In France, leaders in the Jewish community report that they are experiencing “the worst climate of anti-Semitism in decades.” In June alone, there have been several attacks on Jews – including an assault on Jewish students by a mob of 20 who stabbed and beat them, an attack on a Jewish woman and her baby at a bus station in Paris, and  the beating of a Jewish man who had his nose broken and a swastika drawn on his chest. In Belgium, three Jews were killed at the Jewish museum in May. As a result, security was tightened across the country at multiple Jewish sights.

Anti-Semitism is also rampant in the Arab world. Jews have long been maligned as the source of all evil and Israel is constantly demonized as a “Nazi” or “apartheid” state. Children’s television shows routinely feature anti-Semitic diatribes and encourage kids to commit suicide in the name of Jihad.

Thus the kidnapping of  Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali by Arab terrorists must be viewed within the context of global anti-Semitism that is sweeping across the world at an alarming rate.

Moreover, many would have us believe that the terrorists who murdered them should be “understood” in the greater context of their “struggle” to see Arab supremacism come into fruition. Some on the extreme left  suggest that when the terrorists decided to shoot the boys, burn their bodies, and bury them, they were justified in doing so because they believed so fervently in the righteousness of their racist cause to murder Jews. They say that we should refrain from rushing to judgment, and instead view the terrorists as revolutionaries in pursuit of a moral good — which could only have been obtained by piling up heaps of dead Jews.

In the eyes of the radical, there is a moral equivalence between the Jewish boys who were murdered and the terrorists who murdered them. We are engaging in “unfair” discretion when we say they “murdered” Jews. In point of fact, the “freedom fighters” simply responded to the Jews’ paltry existence in the region with such impact and force that the Jews’ deaths occurred as a result. This is an important distinction, they say. This tragic story does not actually entail the “murder” of three school boys but simply the “deaths” of the three school boys. Indeed, they argue that the revolutionaries should be praised for their heroic Jew-hating actions by having operas performed in their honor at the Metropolitan Opera in NY.

But that argument is absurd – as is the nature of Israel’s enemies, willing to murder children in cold-blood on their way home from school.

What’s equally telling is that those both ascribing to and justifying radical Islam provide responses that amount to nothing more than “about time.” Indeed, the mother of one of the terror suspects, Amer Abu Aisha, said that she will raise Amer’s three sons to be martyrs for Jihad.  We in the western world assume that a mother wants the best for her child and would only advocate for such. Yet there are those who acknowledge that while we may struggle to understand how a mother could desire homicide for her child – something we would normally describe as psychotic – we in the Western world are not in her position and therefore have no right to suggest her world view is depraved and evil.

As a result of this perverted philosophy of moral relativism, the innocent victims of terror are slandered while the perpetrators of the crime are lauded. Israel is maligned on college campuses across the United States and Europe. Even at historically Jewish Brandeis University, professors attack Israel – with some going as far as to attack Israel for “Holocaustic ethnic cleansing” and claiming that “olive trees grow wondrously on Palestinian corpses.” Scholars and elitists call for boycotting the Jewish state and “art” – like the notorious _The _Death of Klinghoffer – justifies the massacre of Jews.

Moreover, here in the US, we continue to bankroll the Palestinian Authority, (which we insist, is “moderate”),  and Hamas, two genocidal regimes that promote Islamic supremacism and Jew hatred. Their preaching of hatred and the murder of Jews continues with impunity. As long as our monies fund these organizations, we remain indirectly responsible for every rocket they launch, every Jew-hating textbook they produce, every street they name after terrorists, and every child they murder.

As Ben Shapiro highlighted on Monday, “evil is evil…enabling evil is evil.”A society dedicated to the rule of law, the preservation of ethics, and the principles of liberty and freedom must not be party to such atrocities. Instead, we must raise our voices and demand that our government stop funding these reprehensible dictators. As long as our taxpayer dollars are funding the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, we are indirectly responsible for every rocket they fire, every Jew-hating textbook they publish, every anti-American television show they broadcast, every street they name after terrorists, and every human being they murder. Enough is Enough.

Stand up and be counted.

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