Hamas: The Terror Elite

The Freedom Center's pamphlet about the Islamofascist organization is more urgent and relevant than ever.

It’s déjà vu all over again.  Now, in November 2012, the violent Islamofascist organization “Hamas” has started yet another military conflagration, this time by firing nearly a thousand missiles into civilian areas of Israel.  Some of these missiles landed near the major population centers of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. All of this took place in spite of the fact that Israel long ago removed every last one of its citizens from the Gaza Strip and allowed Hamas to seize control of the area and convert it into an oppressive Islamofascist terrorist mini-state and rocket base.  As always, Israeli gestures of goodwill did nothing but trigger Arab aggression.  And as always, Hamas daily issues its Orwellian lies about Gazan “civilians” being “victims” of Israeli “aggression,” fraudulent claims that the anti-Semitic Western media and the campus Left devour and promulgate.

So just what is Hamas?  Is it a movement for Palestinian independence and self-determination? Or is it an al-Qaeda-like Islamist fascist organization seeking the destruction of everything civilized?  Dr. Steven Plaut’s penetrating pamphlet, “Hamas: The Terror Elite,” answers precisely these questions by delving deep into the group’s history and organizational structure. What Dr. Plaut reveals about the Left’s media darlings is both shocking and disturbing.

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