Hillary's Long, Cozy Love Affairs With Racists

Promoting racial animosity has been the mainstay of her political strategy for years.

There is something otherworldly about Hillary Clinton accusing her Republican rival of running a presidential campaign steeped in “racial resentment,” “divisive rhetoric,” and “racist comments.” Otherworldly, because these are precisely the elements that have been Hillary’s stock-in-trade since the dawn of her political career.

During her first presidential campaign eight years ago, Mrs. Clinton spoke at an event held by Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network, where she crowed about the “long and positive relationship” she had enjoyed with Sharpton and his organization. Noting that “I don’t ever remember saying ‘no’ to them,” Clinton vowed “to remain their partner in civil rights” for as long as there was breath in her body. Sharpton, you may recall, is the vile, foul-mouthed black socialist who has done more to poison race relations in America than virtually anyone other than Barack Obama.

And nothing whatsoever has changed in Mrs. Clinton’s estimation of Sharpton in the years since then. This past April, for instance, Madame Hillary again spoke at a National Action Network event where she lauded Sharpton and his group for steadfastly working “on the frontlines of our nation’s continuing struggle for civil rights,”  and “in a million ways lift[ing] up voices that too often go unheard.”

To what voices was Hillary referring, you may ask? Perhaps she meant the voices of people like the family of Yankel Rosenbaum, a Hasidic Jew who was killed in a Brooklyn race riot that Sharpton helped foment; or the voice of a young assistant district attorney in New York whose life Sharpton ruined with what he knew were false accusations of interracial rape and sodomy; or the voices of the white “crackers” whom Sharpton has identified as descendants of early American settlers from Europe; or the voices of the seven people who died in a 1995 Harlem fire set by a lunatic whose rage had been stoked by Sharpton’s relentless anti-Semitic rhetoric; or the voices of the three white members of the Duke University lacrosse team whom Sharpton falsely accused of having raped a black woman in 2006.

Yes, Hillary is deeply moved by all the things Al Sharpton has done to “lift up” so many people in need.

It’s also noteworthy that Mrs. Clinton has never denounced Black Lives Matter (BLM), a racist movement that openly and proudly reveres the former Black Panther, convicted cop-killer, longtime fugitive, and lifelong Marxist, Assata Shakur; a movement that likewise venerates yet another cop-killer, Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rap Brown, the Sixties radical renowned for urging blacks to murder “honkies” and “burn America down”; a movement whose supporters and foot soldiers have vocally and repeatedly called for the murder of white police officers.

Instead of condemning the hate-filled racists of BLM, Hillary treats them like dignitaries. Indeed, in one impromptu conversation with three BLM activists complaining about the “mass incarceration” of blacks, Hillary praised their “analysis” as “totally fair,” “historically fair,” psychologically fair,” and “economically fair.” Referring to white people as “sinners,” she dutifully lamented that America “has still not recovered from its original sin” of racism.

On another occasion, Hillary met with BLM leader DeRay McKesson and a number of other race-obsessed grievance mongers. There, she listened to McKesson’s insipid musings about “issues related to blackness,” and to his call for the implementation of a massive “New Deal for black people” which would redistribute massive sums of money from whites to blacks as a penalty for historical wrongs.

Following her meeting with McKesson, a slobbering Clinton lauded him as a “social media emperor” (given his 230,000+ Twitter followers). And Hillary herself tweeted: “Racism is America’s original sin. To those I met with today, thank you for sharing your ideas.”

And just last month – a mere eleven days after a Black Lives Matter supporter had murdered five policemen in Dallas, and one day after a black gunman had murdered three police officers in Baton Rouge – Mrs. Clinton delivered a campaign speech to a receptive audience of fellow racialists at the NAACP. There, she emphasized exactly what you might expect a classless political whore to focus on in the wake of eight senseless murders of police officers: “how urgently we need to make reforms to policing and criminal justice”; “how we cannot rest until we root out implicit bias and stop the killings of African-Americans”; how tragic it is that “many African-Americans fear the police”; and how unacceptable it is that “African- Americans are disproportionately killed in police incidents compared to any other group.”

Hillary Clinton’s worldview is founded on a bedrock belief in the notion that white people have, and always will have, a great deal to atone for. And this, in turn, is founded upon her bedrock belief in tribalism, group-identity politics, and collective guilt. To Hillary Clinton, people aren’t individuals. They are members of groups, and the only thing that matters is whether or not the passions of those groups can be manipulated and exploited to help her and her party gain more political power.

Hillary’s obsession with race is the flip side of her Marxism. Classical Marxism seeks to divide people along class lines and pit them against one another in an effort to spark a revolution. Modern-day Marxists, like Hillary, seek to also divide people along racial lines. As the great scholar and author Dennis Prager has noted, they firmly reject the American credo of E pluribus unum (“From many, one”). Instead, they promote the very opposite: “From one, many.” A thoroughly divided, tribalized society.

Hillary Clinton pretends to be disgusted and offended by “divisive” and “racist” language. But in fact, her entire political career has been built on it.