I Don’t Believe in Science

The mad theology of environmentalists who love science to death.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism.

Governor Brown has been touring Communist China to denounce America.

Americans, unlike the Chinese Communists whose cities are unbreathable, don’t care about the environment and won’t implement phony ecocratic measures whose real purpose is to transfer money from working families to Brown’s big green business pals and Chinese solar panel manufacturers.

Congress “doesn’t believe in science”, Governor Moonbeam fumed. “That is really going back to some medieval period. It’s really hard to believe.”

It’s always hard to believe that someone doesn’t believe in your unthinking beliefs.

“Some” medieval period. Don’t ask which one. The neo-medievalists of the left don’t actually know anything. They believe that everything before them was a dark age of racism and ignorance. And that they are enlightened because they “believe” in science and progress while their enemies are heretics.

I don’t believe in science.  If you believe in science, you don’t understand what science is.

The scientific method works as well as the people using it. Like democracy. Sometimes they give us the mystery of the double helix or Reagan. Other times they give us Governor Brown and the Archaeoraptor. The Archaeoraptor or the Piltdown Chicken was the missing link fossil between birds and dinosaurs that turned out to be a Chinese farmer’s expensive practical joke on the National Geographic Society. Brown’s environmental visit is an even more expensive Chinese practical joke on California.

Medievals believed in the infallibility of the divine. Believing in science means believing in the infallibility of human systems and institutions. That is the fundamentalist faith of the neo-medievalist left that builds cathedrals in which to worship its own genius for government. Its sacred mysteries are the accounting methods that pay for it, the proposals prepared by committee that no single member understands and the incomprehensibly senseless theories that underlie its leaning towers of babel.

No one, including Governor Brown, understands how any of it really works. They just “believe” in it.

Science, to progressive neo-medievalists, is a conviction in salvation through human social progress. The actual discoveries and theories, Newton’s Three Laws, Faraday’s Law and Pasteur’s chickens, are window dressing. If we can 3D print sneakers and order Thai takeout through an app, we can create a perfect society by controlling all human behavior. The first step is getting rid of anyone who disagrees.

Science is skeptical. It makes a poor fit for totalitarian systems. That’s why the Soviet Union lagged behind us. Its rulers, like Commissar Brown, believed that science was whatever they already believed in. That is how they ended up chasing Lysenkoism and any fake theory that reinforced their conviction that all life was endlessly malleable and could be transformed to follow the will of the Five-Year Plan.

And jailing and killing scientists who didn’t “believe” in their fake politicized science.

The old Soviet “proletarian science”, whose legitimacy was derived from its class as distinct from the rotten old “bourgeois science” of the rich, was revived by the identity politics left as “intersectional science”. The new proletarian sciences of intersectionality have already given us intersectional quantum mechanics, feminist mathematics and post-gender biology. These new intersectional fields insist that there are no objective scientific truths, only race, class, gender and identity politics perspectives.

Science is the privileged perspective of old dead white men. Intersectional science will privilege the perspectives of the oppressed. Your theory is different from mine because you’re privileged. Check your fact privilege and accept my theory. An experiment will just endanger marginalized voices in STEM.

Now that’s the sort of science you “believe” in. Or else.

It’s not Congress’ job to “believe” in Science. It should treat the claims of advocates from any field with skepticism and test the evidence in an ongoing process of reasoned inquiry. That is how actual science works. A man with a degree in Atmospheric Science is no more immune from this requirement than other men with MBAs, JDs and MPAs who fill the halls of government.

Objectivity, not belief, is the right approach to science. But the left is not in the objectivity business. To the Communists, science was a blunt tool of industrial progress. To the left it has become a religion. But science is no one’s ideology. It is a system of reasoned rules leading to a collection of dynamic theories. When you believe in science, it ceases to exist. All that remains is your own agenda.

The Industrial Revolution birthed the modern left which has foretold its doom and struggled to contain it. Marxists foretold the end through class warfare and built totalitarian worker states. Echoes of this can still be seen in alarmism about inequality. But the current incarnation of the left recognized that industrial production had doomed Marx’s “spectre of Communism” to die outside a Walmart. When every worker can have a fridge, a microwave, internet access and TV dinners, the revolution is over.

Just ask the People’s Republic of China.

The Communists had “contained” the effects of industrial productivity through central production. Globalization made these miserable Socialist schemes unsustainable. By the eighties everyone in the Communist sphere knew how good life was in America. The Soviet Bloc fell. The Asian Bloc became the factory of the West. The Chinese regime that Brown and other leftists admire produces little science. Instead its parasitic industries make the products that Western science and engineering dream up.

Communist countries had destroyed rivers and mountains in their industrial pursuits. That is still how Brown’s Chicom hosts see the environment. And useful lefty idiots like Brown are still eager not to see. Just as they had little to say about the Soviet whalers who slaughtered 338,000 whales.

But the Western left embraced its urban upper class roots and kicked the working class to the curb. It tossed away the old obsession with factories and oppressed workers. Coal miners went from romanticized heroes to villains. Any work that was “brown” was disgustingly redolent of working class dirt. Green work was upper class, clean and ideologically good.

Down with proletarian factories.  Up with bourgeois environmental consulting.

Instead of championing worker control of production, the left used environmental doom to control the rising middle class consumption of production. Environmental regulations banished factories to China. And that’s where Governor Brown praises the environmental policies of his Communist hosts while they struggle not to laugh behind their air pollution masks. Meanwhile businesses flee California for China.

The left’s economic theories had failed miserably. And so it turned to superstition. If we don’t stop enjoying ourselves, the earth will punish us for rejecting the prophets of the left.

”The coming of doom is because of deeds that do not seem evil on the face of it.”

“Because we have industrialized ourselves in order to lift the curse of physical labor from our backs we have poured the poisons produced by the internal combustion engine into our atmosphere,” Asimov ranted in Our Angry Earth.  “Because we have learned to make new materials for the greater convenience of mankind, we have produced chemical toxins that have saturated our soil and water.”

This isn’t science. It’s neo-medievalist denunciation of science. You have sinned. Now you must pay.

Man had abused “bourgeois science” to make life better. Now he must repent. The left doesn’t love the rational sciences that allowed us to drive, to fly, to build, to live longer and to eat better.

The left hates science. It hates that we can live better lives without the left. And so, in its darkest and most deranged hour, the left came up with a pseudoscience to punish us for rejecting it.

You don’t believe that Global Warming is the consequence of humanity’s sins against nature because you understand the proofs. Brown certainly doesn’t. The scientific theory fits the ideological theory. Capitalism’s crimes manifest themselves in environmental atrocities. Mother Earth revolts against our evil materialistic oppression of the world and each other by bringing upon us floods and hurricanes.

The biological machinery of the earth is a hidden “god” enforcing the ideological theories of the left. This is the politically convenient superstition of “science” that Brown and his fellow Warmunists “believe” in.

Progressive science replaced God with Gaia. The environmental god has the same agenda as the left. His prophets are Al Gore, Tom Steyer and any PhD bearer hungry for grant money and short on integrity. The “Angry Earth” can only be appeased by tithing our money to its even angrier prophets and turning over our democracy to its experts who will save us from our sins against Mother Earth.

Global Warming is the apocalypse that punishes our materialistic bourgeois science which defeated the proletarian ideological science of the Soviet Union. The physical proofs always collapse. The mass starvation that was supposed to engulf the United Kingdom never kicked in. The polar bears stubbornly refuse to perish. Arctic ice refuses to make way for Warmunist expeditions proving it doesn’t exist.

But we must believe that the world is ending.

We must believe that science is evil and that objectivity doesn’t exist. Leftist spending programs must never be measured against math. And the figures that are used to arrive at the latest Warmunist claims that the world is ending must never be exposed to independent heretical examination and testing.

And if you don’t believe in that, then you don’t believe in science. You practice it.