If You’re Reading This, You’re Racist

The racist lunatics have taken over the anti-racist asylum.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2015/03/racism.png)Mother Jones, the leftist magazine not the long dead co-founder of the Wobblies, unveiled its latest blow for social justice, an article claiming that lunch was racist. “Why You Should Stop Eating Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner,” the venerable leftist publication bleated. “Dogmatic adherence to mealtimes is anti-science, racist, and might actually be making you sick.”

Mother Jones is named after Socialist organizer Mary Harris Jones, who unlike lunch, actually was racist making jokes about “darkeys” in her speeches and supporting the Chinese Exclusion Act. In her own words, “We kept it up and stopped the Chinese coming over.”

But Jones was moderate compared to her fellow Socialist pal Jack London who wrote of entirely exterminating China and all the people living there using biological weapons.

That’s quite a role model for a magazine that spends its days exploring the structural racism of lunch.

But while the left may be unforgiving of the vile racism of eating three meals a day, it’s nobly willing to let the bigotry of its own heroes, like Margaret Sanger, Jack London and Mother Jones, go.  The left has become incapable of dispensing meal advice without race-baiting and yet it can never come to terms with its own racism.

Last year, Mother Jones broke new records in racism clickbait. “This is How Racist Your Air Is” was a typical headline which claimed that, “If you’re white, you’re probably breathing cleaner air.” And if you’re a white progressive, you’re probably reading a magazine ranting about breakfast bigotry named after a woman who thought “darkeys” was a laugh line.

The constant claims of racism are as ubiquitous as they are absurd. “Coke’s recipe wasn’t the only thing influenced by white supremacy,” the New York Times writes of the soft drink’s elimination of cocaine. The paper also inquired whether “Biblical Epics are Epically Racist” based on Reza Aslan’s claim that Jews in movies should look like Arab Muslims; an assertion that reeks of unchallenged Islamic Supremacism.

There is nothing too petty for progressives to racialize. In ’09, Newsweek asked, “Is Your Baby Racist?” A few years later the magazine was discussing racist dogs. Slate countered that people were racist against “black dogs” complaining that black dogs were euthanized more often than white dogs.

By last year we were down to racist, presumably white, swans who were accused of singling out minorities in “racially motivated incidents”.

Not that watching birds is the racially sensitive thing to do either. Last year National Geographic claimed that birdwatching has a “diversity” problem. There are too many white people watching birds. Also, as it turns out, “120 years ago, birding organizations were anti-immigrant.”

It’s only safe to watch the swans if you’re calling out their white privilege.

Sweden’s birdwatchers have already gotten in trouble for racially insensitive names like the Hottentot bird. Meanwhile diversity promoters in American birdwatching claim that minorities won’t join because they’re afraid of being attacked by militias and the KKK.

National Park Service Deputy Director Mickey Fearn had claimed that black people don’t want to visit national parks because of slavery and lynchings. He also suggested that national parks should check their white privilege because, “Preserving wild places is a white concept, going back to Rome.”

Or as M. Ramutsindela put it, “National parks provided the stage on which racial stereotypes and attendant practices could be played out… after independence, previously oppressed non-whites often appropriated symbols of domination associated with national parks.”

And you thought only your lunch was racist.

If the left can squeeze this much racism out of using binoculars to watch birds, then race-baiting is the one inexhaustible energy source that we have left. And race-baiting is exactly what it is.

Mother Jones’ ridiculous racist headline is so silly that we almost miss its real point. Racism has come to mean using “whiteness” as a negative association to undermine any random practice being attacked. It never really bothers to prove its claim that lunch is racist. All it needs to do is dismiss regular mealtimes as a “European” practice. And then suddenly eating lunch is something “white people” do.

Likewise, instead of telling black people that they are missing out by not visiting a national park, Fearn diminishes the idea of the park as a “white concept”.

These critiques of “racism” just flip around the old practice of creating a negative association between a practice and a minority group. The Mother Jones article accuses settlers of forming a negative association between the American Indians and unscheduled mealtimes, and then it forms a negative association between Europeans and scheduled mealtimes.  Do as I say, not as I say, is the motto.

These aren’t critiques of racism, they are racism.

The left isn’t progressive. It’s not anti-racist. It’s not here to make us better people.

All that the left has done is taken the same raw populism that fueled Mother Jones to rant about the Chinese and flipped it over to anti-White rants at Mother Jones the magazine. Its racist populism has found a new target. Whites are to the magazine as the Chinese and ‘darkies’ were to Mother Jones.

And that’s true for the left in general.

As long as we’re breaking new ground exposing structural racism in people looking at birds through binoculars while eating three meals a day and having racist babies, not to mention racism by dogs, racism against black dogs, racially motivated incidents involving swans and the lynch mobs hanging around Yellowstone… we never have to talk about the left’s real racism.

The left has made racism ubiquitous and petty because it practices a ubiquitous and petty racism.

Its racialization of everything injects its own racism into everything. It is as obsessed with racial contamination as any bug-eyed Fuehrer lover, but it misspells this obsession as a critique of white supremacy. It can’t go five minutes without finding constructions of whiteness in everything from parks to soft drinks. Swap out ‘whiteness’ with any other race and even the dimmest Sociology major would know what to make of the kind of lunatics who would traffic in this type of demented bigotry.

We have blown right past the civil rights movement into a strange world in which academics parse racial theories that would have made Goebbels blush and publish the results as critiques of white supremacy. Our best and brightest now investigate such vital social issues as whether birdwatching is sufficiently diversely Aryan and whether regular meals weren’t just an invention of the Elders of Zion.

The racist lunatics have taken over the anti-racist asylum and made it more racist than ever. And if you aren’t part of the solution, then you’re probably off eating lunch.

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