The Importance of the David Horowitz Freedom Center

As seen by The Washington Post.

A note from David Horowitz: On Sunday, the Washington Post published a lengthy profile of me and the David Horowitz Freedom Center, which it called “David Horowitz’s Charity Ties to the White House.” The article was motivated by leftwing bias and framed in a perverse and calculatedly destructive way around the issue of our 501c3, tax-exempt “charity” status.

The Freedom Center is not a charity in the normal sense of that term and has never claimed to be. Even the Post is forced to concede that we applied for our tax-exempt status as an “educational foundation.” We have remained faithful to that mission. We have never used our 501c3 status to engage in electoral campaigns in the manner of George Soros, John Podesta and Jesse Jackson, all of whom operate much larger tax-exempt foundations than ours (in Soros’s case by a factor several hundred times larger) explicitly in behalf of the progressive wing of the Democrat Party. Despite their obvious animus, however, the Post writers do spotlight a very important development – our role in fostering the development of a tougher, more aggressive conservatism in the face of the left’s takeover of the Democratic Party and assault on American institutions.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center began as a conservative outlier, urging other conservatives to face the fact that the Democratic Party had been taken over by the political left, and that this left – mis-named “liberal” and “progressive” – was at war with America and its social contract (a development I recently explained in his article, The Democrats’ Second Secession & America’s New Civil War.)

For thirty years, the Center was a voice crying in the conservative wilderness, urging other conservatives to approach the battle with the left as a war, and not as politics as usual. That exile ended with the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump, which brought into the mainstream a tougher minded conservative movement spurred to action by the assault on our nationhood of the Obama years and finally ready to recognize the serious threat posed by the political left - ready, thanks to Trump, and to like-minded Center friends like Steve Bannon and Steve Miller, for the first time “to fight fire with fire.” Here is the Post’s summation of this development in a reference to our presentation at the 2014 Restoration Weekend of an award to Senator Jeff Sessions for his courage in defending America’s sovereignty and borders: “The ceremony that day, in November 2014 turned out to be a harbinger: It brought together an array of hard-right activists and a little-known charity whose ideas would soon move from the fringes of the conservative movement into the heart of the nation’s government.”

We reject the scurrilous insinuations that the Freedom Center has in any way abused its non-profit status.  But we accept this synopsis of our institutional achievement and in fact couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

The crowd rose to its feet and roared its approval as Sen. Jeff Sessions bounded onto the stage at the Breakers, an exclusive resort in Palm Beach, Fla. Stephen Miller, an aide to the Alabama Republican, handed him a glass trophy honoring his bravery as a lawmaker.

“Heyyyy!” Sessions yelled out to the crowd.

The ceremony that day, in November 2014, turned out to be a harbinger: It brought together an array of hard-right activists and a little-known charity whose ideas would soon move from the fringes of the conservative movement into the heart of the nation’s government.

The man behind the event was David Horowitz, a former ’60s radical who became an intellectual godfather to the far right through his writings and his work at a charity, the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Since its formation in 1988, the Freedom Center has helped cultivate a generation of political warriors seeking to upend the Washington establishment. These warriors include some of the most powerful and influential figures in the Trump administration: Attorney General Sessions, senior policy adviser Miller and White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon.

Long before Trump promised to build a wall, ban Muslims and abandon the Paris climate accord, Horowitz used his tax-exempt group to rail against illegal immigrants, the spread of Islam and global warming. Center officials described Hillary Clinton as evil, President Barack Obama as a secret communist and the Democratic Party as a front for enemies of the United States.

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