Interracial White Privilege is the Left's Hot New Hate

White privilege, it’s not just for white people anymore.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

Hating white people for their white privilege was the progressive racism of 2015. It was a glorious time and the left cheered as racist mobs of #BlackLivesMatter supporters terrorized diners and shoppers in “white spaces” of privilege to avenge the latest drug dealer killed while attacking police officers.

But intersectional racism couldn’t rest on its laurels by screaming at six-year-olds at Christmas tree lightings or intimidating white couples having brunch for the crime of being the wrong skin color.

In 2016, intersectionality continues the fight for a more tolerant country by exposing the white privilege of the interracial. The first target was Zoe Saldana, a black actress with Dominican, Haitian and Puerto Rican roots, who was accused of “blackface” for playing Nina Simone without the requisite racial purity. A petition condemns having “light-complexioned actors” playing “the roles of dark-complexioned historical figures”. Saldana was accused of having a “Eurocentric” face that meets “European standards of beauty”, instead of an “Afrocentric” face. She was told to check her “light-skinned black woman privilege”.

Yes, black people can also have white privilege as long as their skin isn’t the right shade of black and their features aren’t “Afrocentric” enough. Intersectionality is just legitimized racism. And racism is a pathological obsession with racial purity that can never stop on its own. The reverse version of the one drop rule is that even one drop of “white blood” is enough to transmit the disease of “white privilege”.

The paper bag test for skin tones, South Africa’s curly hair pencil test and perhaps DNA tests will be used to examine the exact degree of privilege possessed by everyone who falls short of African racial purity.

The old colorism standby of the paper bag test is now a social justice metric. Dissatisfied with just demonizing white people, the next victims will be light-skinned black people. And then slightly darker skinned black people.  If you’re not a Type VI on the Fitzpatrick scale, you had better own your white privilege or be forced to undergo diversity training for the crime of being too genetically diverse.

Anti-racism has become racism with the roles reversed. But the full implications of flipping over the racial meters with black being good and white being evil is that you end up with the same Aryan obsession with racial purity being practiced by people who accuse everyone else of being Nazis.

The inevitable outcome of demonizing white people on the purely racial grounds of white privilege was that interracial people would also become victims. And then black people with lighter skin. Most people have forgotten that the lighter skin color of the Tutsi was one of the reasons for the Rwandan genocide. The Hutu slogan was “Wipe Out Every Light Skin”. The slogan of the Rwandan genocide is also the mandate of the intersectional left and its twisted obsession with assembling racial hierarchies.

Tying skin color to privilege makes the Fitzpatrick scale of human skin tones into our moral order. The battle against “white supremacy” and “anti-blackness” will only be won when the light part of the scale is on the bottom and the dark part is on top. Apparently white supremacy can only defeated by adopting Nazi racial paranoia.

America’s growing racial diversity means that demonizing white people can no longer be enough. In a more racially complex society, there are a multiplicity of multiracial conflicts to exploit. And segregating interracial people into yet another racial category between black and white, as the South Africans did with their “colored” group, provides the left with a potential three-sided racial conflict to play off.

The left sowed its vicious intersectional racial conflicts to divide and conquer, to create hierarchies of privilege under their control by pitting people against each other. This was never going to stop with pitting white people and black people against each other. Pitting black people against each other has become the new social justice that turns every aspect of human diversity into human enmity.

Social justice crybullies chant about diversity and yet they viscerally hate it. Instead interracial people are accused of having Eurocentric white privilege and cultural exchange is denounced as appropriation. These are not the actions and attitudes of a movement that seeks diversity, but of a supremacist movement aching to stoke hatreds and erect racial boundaries to protect its fragile sense of superiority.

The intersectional left loathes the exchanges that actually lead to diversity because its investment in the identity politics of individual groups is so extreme that it adopts their supremacist positions. While claiming to be advocates of tolerance, the left venerates racist hate groups such as the Black Panthers and La Raza, and makes common cause with the Islamic fundamentalists of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The left is brimming over with the seething bigotries of its integrated hate groups. The deeper it sinks into that swamp, the worse the hatred becomes. The interracial controversy centers around Zoe Saldana being attacked for playing Nina Simone, a racist who boasted, “I don’t like white people”. Her fan base doesn’t like interracial people who had a white ancestor somewhere along the way either. Why should that be a surprise? Racism has its own ugly racial logic and hate has no natural stopping point.

Liberals who have gotten in the business of carrying water for the black supremacist hatred of white people, must stick around for Rwanda-style intraracial hatreds among black people, and must take the side of racial purity over interracial miscegenation and the side of darker skinned black people over the lighter skinned black people. Anything else would be bad intersectional form and allyship.

This is the sad, sick and twisted racist mess that the civil rights movement has become. Two generations later, the newly anti-racist Democratic Party is back to its old job of fighting against miscegenation. But this time the opposition to “race-mixing” is a politically correct campaign against “white supremacy”.

Specifically the type of white supremacy contained in the veins of some racially impure black people.

Forget, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Two generations later, the left decries that quote as “controversial” and instead seeks to judge children not by the color of their skin, but by the exact shade of the color of their skin turning back the clock not to the era of segregation, but to a degree of racist insanity that even segregationists would have blanched at.

In this bold new utopia of tolerance, each year ushers in new extremes of politically correct racism. This may be the year when the left moves beyond hating white people to officially hating interracial people.

And then we can join people of all shades and colors in checking our “light-skinned privilege”.