Investigate #BlackLivesMatter for Black Nationalist Terror

Expose the front group behind black nationalist terror.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

Prominently displayed on the #BlackLivesMatter website is a quote from cop-killer Assata Shakur. The Black Panther cop-killer worshiped by the violent racist hate group is listed by the FBI as a domestic terrorist.

A racist domestic terrorist was the ideological inspiration for #BlackLivesMatter. It is not surprising that the group’s campaign against the police led to the murder of police officers.

At the memorial service in Dallas, Obama vehemently defended the hate group against all criticism. He insisted on repeating the myth of “peaceful” protests that suddenly turn violent despite the long history of violence in #BlackLivesMatter protests and the calls for the murder of police officers by activists at #BlackLivesMatter events. 

Obama has the best of reasons for covering up the ugly truth about #BlackLivesMatter and the hate groups associated with it. The massacre of police officers in Dallas was neither shocking nor unexpected.

A #BlackLivesMatter supporter had already murdered two police officers in New York. The disturbing rise in the murder of police officers had gone mostly unreported because it was politically inconvenient.

A larger attack was inevitable. It was only a matter of when.

The Justice Department was warned that the New Black Panther Party was advocating the ambush assassinations of police officers. Obama’s DOJ, which had protected the black nationalist terror group through everything from voter intimidation to major terror plots, laughed off the threat.

Micah Xavier Johnson, the Dallas black nationalist terrorist, had attended meetings of the People’s New Black Panther Party whose members were present with weapons at the scene of the anti-police hate rally. Despite the claims that Johnson was a random lunatic with no connection to the otherwise “peaceful” protest, his brand of lunacy was mainstream among groups such as the New Black Panther Party and the New Black Panther Party had supporters at the highest levels of government.

Despite being caught on video engaging in voter intimidation, New Black Panther Party thugs had gotten a pass from the DOJ. A plot to murder a police chief and bomb the Gateway Arch led only to gun charges. The Justice Department had not only helped incite much of the anti-police hate that led to the massacre in Dallas, but it had acted to protect a violent hate group close to the heart of the plot.

The Obama administration was overtly aligned with #BlackLivesMatter, a dirty alliance between government and cop haters that Obama has continued to reaffirm in his defenses of the hate group in the aftermath of the attack, but behind the scenes it was aiding the more extreme black nationalist hate groups that were using #BlackLivesMatter as cover.

The biggest lie about Black Lives Matters is its name. The group has waged a relentless war against police officers of all colors who put their lives on the line to protect Black communities.

As the African-American officers in the Freddie Gray hoax discovered, the hate group and black nationalist terror organization was just as happy to go after black cops as white ones.

But the second biggest lie is the myth that the racist organization is a collection of concerned citizens nonviolently protesting police brutality.

Black Lives Matter is the “friendly” public face of networks of radical black nationalist and left-wing groups whose goals include the overthrow of the government. #BlackLivesMatter has been identified entirely with its cause, leaping quickly between momentary outrages that fall apart at trial. But by the time that happens, as it did in Ferguson and Baltimore, the terror group has moved on to inciting disorder and violence at a brand new location.

This tactic has very effectively obscured #BlackLivesMatter ideology. And even after the massacre of police officers in Dallas by a #BlackLivesMatter supporter, the second such attack in the group’s short history, #BlackLivesMatter black nationalist ideology continues not to be addressed.

And #BlackLivesMatter ideology matters because it was the ideology of the Dallas terrorist.

Alicia Garza, the co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter, has spoken of Assata Shakur’s “significance to the Black Liberation Movement”.  This is a movement of which #BlackLivesMatter is only one component.

#BlackLivesMatter is a convenient mask behind which black nationalist groups pursue a separatist agenda. Allegations of police brutality, false more often than not, provide a convenient cover for a black nationalist agenda. Peel back the hip young activists in front of #BlackLivesMatter and you find armed terror groups like New Black Panther Party. And tagging along behind them are killers like Micah Xavier Johnson who will do more than talk or film videos.

#BlackLivesMatter is to the New Black Panther Party as CAIR is to Al Qaeda and Johnson was to the NBPP as Al Qaeda is to the “lone wolves” whom it encourages and stirs up.

Obama has sought to dismiss Micah Xavier Johnson as a troubled individual of uncertain and mixed motives. This is much the same whitewash he has offered to Muslim terrorists. But we know Johnson s motives quite well as he spelled them out for us. And it’s the same motives as #BlackLivesMatter.

Obama knows quite well that the road from the Dallas massacre leads to his support for #BlackLivesMatter and the black nationalist groups in its shadow like the New Black Panther Party.

Obama did not pull the trigger in Dallas, but he provided aid and comfort to the hate and terror groups who advocated the murder of police officers until an activist moving in their circles finally carried it out.

That is why investigating #BlackLivesMatter terror ties is so vital. #BlackLivesMatter is the interface between the openly racist black nationalist movement that few on the mainstream left are willing to embrace in public and the mainstream left. It serves the same function as communist front groups used to by providing a safe way for the mainstream left to commit treason.

Exposing the front group will pull back the curtain on the whole rotten alliance that extended from the White House to Micah Xavier Johnson.  Until that curtain is pulled back, Obama will be able to play the hypocritical and contradictory roles of conciliator and arsonist, feeding the flames and then calling for unity. As long as #BlackLivesMatter enjoys its unearned legitimacy, this game will go on.

And #BlackLivesMatter killers will be dismissed as disturbed loners who don’t truly represent the peaceful message of a hate group inspired by a cop-killer.

The Justice Department must investigate #BlackLivesMatter’s terror ties. And if it continues to obstruct such a course, then the administration itself must be investigated by a Special Prosecutor who will examine the role that the government played in its relationships with #BlackLivesMatter and its associated black nationalist terrorist organizations. 

Five officers died in the service of justice in Dallas. To do their deaths justice, justice must be done.