Islam Got Your Tongue?

From political correctness to Islamic correctness.

As I put it at the end of my first talk, If telling the truth about something can get you killed, then that truth needs to be told again and again and again. And acting on that truth will save us.

Mohammad Atta, the ringleader of the 911 hijackers, told the passengers on the plane he was about to slam into one of The Twin Towers: “Stay quiet and you’ll be okay.” And many of us, especially those in power, have stayed quiet about Islam or lied to themselves and to us about its true meaning, in order to appease Muslims. And after each jihadist attack on Americans, those charged to protect us, to protect our first amendment, call for limits to our speech, specifically limits to what we can say about Islam, the very ideology responsible for motivating the attacks.

Telling the truth about Islam is the worst thing one can say about Islam, so Muslims and Islamophiles want us to lie about Islam or keep our mouths shut about it, essentially turning political correctness into Islamic correctness. You fight Islamic correctness by telling the truth about Islam every time you speak about it. I studied Islam as if my life depended on it after 911 and it’s no accident that non-Muslims who are most informed about Islam are also most critical of it, while those least informed are least critical. And only the informed can be effective against the endless Islamic propaganda being shoveled our way these days. In the end, it’s only those who speak the truth who can lead the way for those who act on it.

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