The Islamization of Canada

Welcome to the ideal place to live for extremist Muslims.

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Seven years after its application, Al Jazeera English has been launched in Canada. The three largest cable providers  (Bell TV, Rogers and Videotron) are carrying the digital channel. Al Jazeera (AJ), a.k.a. the “CNN of the Arab World” was given its approval papers by the Canadian broadcast regulator—the CRTC (Canadian Television and Telecommunications Commission).

Not surprisingly, the Managing Director of Al Jazeera English is Tony Burman, former Editor in Chief of the CBC—the leftist network propped up by its infinite bank payroll—taxpayer dollars. Yet the publicly funded CRTC has blocked several applications by Fox News, which by the way is in demand in Canada, but not Liberal and politically correct enough for a country long dominated by leftist media ideologues.

Oh, and there’s something else funded by Canadian taxpayers:   Harems! Hundreds of GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Muslim men in polygamous marriages are receiving welfare and social benefits for each of their spouses.

Mumtaz Ali, president of the Canadian Society of Muslims, said wives in polygamous marriages are recognized as spouses under the Ontario Family Law Act, providing they were legally married under Muslim laws abroad. – Toronto Sun

So here we “stand on guard” in Canada incorporating foreign Muslim laws into our provincial social benefits system. This is possible because, while polygamy is officially outlawed in Canada, there is a loophole in the law which is, it goes without saying, being capitalized upon by fundamentalist Muslims.

Canada is a very liberal-minded country, Ali said…way ahead of Britain in this respect. – Toronto Sun

It’s a troubling statement given that Canada shares its borders with the United States – the leader on the terrorist war front. And let’s not even mention the fact that Britain has actually gone so far as to sanction Sharia law to rule to replace common law in civil cases between Muslims.

That’s bad, but it becomes even worse. A Montreal man, Mohamed Omary, has been collecting welfare cheques for nearly two decades, crisscrossing ‘ Europe to meet with six other men who have since been killed, convicted or linked to global terrorism.

Lawyers for RCMP and CSIS have filed documents, alleging Omary has been living off taxpayers ever since he arrived from Morocco, yet finding cash to fund his escapades throughout Europe.

Some advice:  if Canadian taxpayers’ dollars aren’t lucrative enough, then go the Arar route, which means:  sue, big time.   Maher Arar originally had the audacity to demand $400-million, but settled for a meager 10.5 million.  He’s still on a U.S. terrorist list, yet received an apology from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and 10.5 million dollars in a legal settlement from the government (read: taxpayers) because of a s0-called injustice.  Arar– with dual Syrian and Canadian citizenship– was detained by American authorities in New York on terrorism suspicions, sent back to his country of origin (Syria), where he was imprisoned and tortured.  A judicial inquiry  subsequently found that the Canadian RCMP mislabeled him as an Islamic extremist with suspected ties to al Qaeda (al Qaida) (AQ) and  shared  that “misinformation” with U.S. authorities which led to his deportation to Syria.

Down the road, Omar Kadhr, the Canadian kid raising all kinds of controversy among naïve, bleeding hearts because he’s stuck in Guantanamo, said he saw Arar in safe houses and Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan.  Well, 10.5 million dollars later, who cares?  Arar is happy with his new found wealth and personal apology from the Prime Minister’s Office. It takes little imagination to predict what he’ll do with these millions.

Conclusion:  with its lucrative potentials and its strategic location so close to the United States,