Jihad Rising -- on The Glazov Gang

How the Obama administration is pouring fuel on the flames of Radical Jihad.

To sign the Freedom Center’s  petition to stop the Islamist witch-hunt against Rep. Michele Bachmann,  click here. To read and order Frank Gaffney’s pamphlet, The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration, click here.

Don’t miss this special episode of The Glazov Gang in which Mike Finch, the Chief Operating Officer at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and Dwight Schultz, a Hollywood actor who played Murdock on NBC’s The-A-Team, discuss: Jihad Rising. The discussion occurred in Part I, during which the Gang focused on Hillary’s Benghazi testimony and the catastrophic failure it reflected in Obama’s handling of the terror war. In Part II, the Gang unraveled why the Unholy Alliance is waging a war on heroic truth-teller, Rep. Michele Bachmann.  Watch both segments of the two-part series below:

**Part I: Jihad Rising.

**Part II: The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration.

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