Know Your Social Justice Warriors

Combining self-help with civil rights.

Are you upset all the time? Do minor things that other people do drive you up the wall? Do you spend all day muttering about unintended petty slights? Do you self-diagnose your own psychiatric disorders?

Are you convinced that you’re being oppressed by all the people around you?

You’re not just a paranoid schizophrenic. You might also be a Social Justice Warrior.

What the Jacobins and Bolsheviks were to earlier eras, the Social Justice Warrior is to the millennial generation. Just don’t expect an SJW to mount the barricades or storm anything physical. If there were a button on their keyboards that would let them guillotine or gulag their enemies, they would use it.

Since there isn’t, they have to generate hashtagged social media whine mobs instead.

The Social Justice Warrior whines incessantly. The Social Justice Warrior is always a victim. Victimhood is the source of his power. Lions stalk prey across the savanna, sharks flit soundlessly through the ocean and the Social Justice Warrior lies in wait, waiting to be offended, so he/she/ze/it can instantly pounce.

And by pounce, I mean start a hashtag.

Social Justice Warriors manufacture an offense, throw a tantrum and then use the backlash to play the victim. Think of the kid who pushed you on the playground and then when you punched him in the face, ran off to tell.

That’s the entire Social Justice Warrior playbook.

That’s why that kid today is an associate professor of gender studies with a fellowship in screaming at people on Tumblr. He regularly appears on MSNBC urging everyone to stop reading books by white authors, diversify field hockey body types and bring genderfluid bathrooms to heavy metal concerts.

He’s not insane. Or he’s not just insane. He’s also a Social Justice Warrior.

Social Justice Warriors use the language of civil rights to assert their private victimhood identity. This can range from the simple, race and gender, to a list of dozens of sexual identities, psychological disorders and survivor of assorted traumas. And let’s not forget disabilities (real or imagined) and morbid obesity.

Each identity requires representation. Sure you’ve got a black woman on your team. But where are the intersexual Muslim gluten survivors? What about body positive transsexual transethnic vegan feminist ADHD survivors who hate women? Why are you such a bigot? We’re organizing a hashtag to denounce you on Twitter.

And all these identities and anything that comes with them are someone’s exclusive property.

Eating Mexican food, writing a novel with a black character or using a cane are all examples of cultural appropriation. And cultural appropriation is one of the top SJW mortal sins right between having stick figures of definite gender on your bathroom doors and not even knowing what intersectionality is.

SJWs invade a field demanding representation quotas. If they don’t get them, they find a micro-aggression or a nano-aggression to rave about. They howl about the lack of diversity. They claim that the lack of acceptance makes them feel afraid and unsafe. When they get them, the only thing they do is whine more about how oppressed they are. This is accompanied by war dances of celebration at having defeated “straight white men” through a quota system invariably implemented by straight white men.

(Content Warning: War dances performed by those who do not identify as indigenous are an example of cultural appropriation and also trigger those already traumatized by watching Dances With Wolves.)

Any attempt to revert the field back to valuing content leads to claims that the “straight white men” are waging war on diversity. They claim that they feel unsafe and blow up any negative language directed their way into a hate crime. Soon they claim to have gone into hiding to escape the threats to their life.

The mainstream media picks up the story and plays up their victimhood. Rinse and repeat.

Recent examples of Social Justice Warrior drama include their public freakouts to blowback from Gamergate and the Sad Puppies lists for the Hugo Awards for Science Fiction. In both cases, Social Justice Warriors had camped out in a field, colonized its coverage with their incessant whining, and then screamed bloody murder when they were asked to stop. The people trying to stop their hijacking of the field were then accused of hijacking and blamed for making the field “unsafe” for SJWs.

But this is also exactly what happens even when no one stands up to the Social Justice Warriors.

If people complain about SJWs, then they howl about the lack of diversity, how unsafe they feel and the need to destroy the hegemony of straight white men. If no one complains about SJWs, they howl about the lack of diversity, how unsafe they feel and the need to destroy straight white men.

That’s not a reaction to anything. It’s just Tuesday.

Oppression is the fixed constant of Social Justice Warriors because they are the real oppressors. The only thing justifying their oppression is their victimhood. To oppress, they have to perpetuate the myth of their victimhood. They are always the beleaguered minority under siege by the people who don’t want to be oppressed or who don’t even know they exist. And even by their own fellow lefty allies who can never be understanding enough, because no amount of accommodation ever satisfies an SJW.

Like perpetually surly thirteen-year-olds, Social Justice Warriors exist to whine about a world that doesn’t understand them and never will. Because they’re just that complicated and special.

They use their imaginary victimhood to perpetuate the actual victimization of others.

Social Justice provides the vocabulary to let the deranged weaponize their anti-social tendencies, a range that covers everything from men who pretend to be women or werewolves to communities of shoplifters, into collective outrage and political power.

Some conservative commentators have claimed that liberalism is a mental disorder. The Social Justice Warriors are the first generation of activists to openly turn private pathologies into political identities. Unhappy by nature, they find their happiness only in bringing misery to others. “I hate you, why won’t you pay attention to me?” is their glorious battle cry.

Too egotistical to possess a conscience, they make their obsession with their pain into the center of a self-centered moral code that they inflict on others. Incapable of empathy, they demand it of others while berating them for not caring about their pain. Their defining characteristic of entitlement is also their ubiquitous accusation. SJWs are the most entitled people in the world and they view the refusal of everyone else to rearrange their lives and minds to suit them as a form of entitlement.

We oppress them by refusing to be oppressed by them.

The Social Justice Warrior is the utterly selfish, greedy, whiny and malicious bastard child of the left. If the leftists of the past were at least capable of virtues such as selflessness or heroism, the SJW is locked in the insatiable grip of needs and feelings, incapable of unselfish behavior or self-sacrifice.

SJWs have fused the languages of civil rights and self-help to create nests of selfish, entitled monsters convinced that the intersection of their anger and desires forms a righteous cause. They are amateur civil rights activists and therapists who have already diagnosed their frustration as social victimization.

Society owes them. And society will pay.

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