Latter-Day Marxist

Obama's fight against income inequality is a war against us all.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2013/12/9348753_448x252.jpg)A week ago, the White House Marxist declared that income inequality was the “defining challenge” we face. If Obama really means what he says (which he almost never does) he could begin by giving up the millions he has already pocketed and the fancy houses and the fancy vacations he funds with taxes coming from Americans who are scraping to make ends meet. Or he could close down Obamacare, the largest redistribution of income from the have nots to the haves in our lifetimes. Or he could end his economic and regulatory programs, which have produced poverty and deprivation not only for the present generation but for generations to come. But don’t hold your breath. None of the filthy rich progressives around Obama will see the light or give up a dime. You can rest assured of that.

I guess if one is so eaten up with envy of the other guy’s toys, or is delusional in the Marxist vein, income inequality can seem a problem and even a challenge. But no person in their right mind thinks that all people are equal in ability and talent. Not even a five-year-old. Consequently, unless you are prepared to take away individual freedom (which, granted, is a thought in the back of every progressive mind) there will be income inequality forever. It’s inevitable. And just that simple. The only question is whether rewards for those extra brains and talents will be distributed by an impersonal open market, or by a political mafia that will make sure the redistribution flows into the pockets of their political friends. Now where do you think all that Obama stimulus money actually went?

Every battle with the left – progressives, Marxists, Democrats – is a battle for freedom: freedom of the individual to earn as he or she sees fit to earn; freedom to keep and spend the fruits of his or her labor. (Every tax dollar is time spent in indentured servitude to the government.) Barack Obama is an enemy of freedom. And the whole Democratic Party along with him. His fight against income inequality is a war against us all.

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