Leftist Hysteria & Hate Crime Hoaxes

Anti-Trump agitators engage in campaign of violence and fabrication while media lends helping hand.

The 2016 elections are finally over and America has chosen its next leader but the stench of hate emanating from the radical Left still lingers. A lethal mix of professional agitators, anarchists, illegal aliens and basement-dwelling social justice warriors, has taken to the streets to voice protest over the results.  In actuality, they are protesting against the democratic process itself.

Some of the anti-Trump manifestations have become violent. In Redwood City, California a high school student was physically assaulted after she voiced support for Trump on social media. Her attacker, a fellow student, accused her of “hating Mexicans” and without provocation proceeded to punch, kick and throw her to the ground. The school said that it would discipline the perpetrator but failed to elaborate further. 

In Chicago, a group of five thugs – three men and two women – brutally savaged 49-year old David Wilcox while screaming “You voted Trump” and “Don’t vote Trump.” One of the gang riled the others by taunting, “Yeah, it’s one of them white boy Trump guys.” Several days passed before the mainstream media gave the incident any attention while the website Snopes initially issued a sanitized account of what occurred, downplaying or burying outright, other aggravating factors. The New York Times, the paper that recently apologized to its subscribers for its slanted coverage of the election, dedicated a grand total of five short paragraphs to the story.

The attack on Wilcox commenced following a minor traffic accident. Another vehicle had sideswiped his car. Wilcox’s sole offense was to ask the other motorist is she had insurance. That was enough to trigger the unprovoked violent assault. He was thrown to the ground and repeatedly punched and kicked and then robbed of his personal belongings. Ultimately, one of the attackers managed to steal Wilcox’s car while Wilcox desperately clung to the side of the vehicle (and nearly died doing so). Chicago police said they were “investigating.”

In Sweden, a chef was set upon by a group of Muslim men because they said he looked like Trump. Two men grabbed Anders Vendel from behind while a third proceeded to pummel him. He eventually fell to the ground where the beating continued with a flurry of kicks and punches. Vendel sustained a fractured thumb, broken nose as well as other facial injuries.

The vitriol has spilled over to overt death threats. Monisha Rajesh, A freelance writer for the British Guardian publication, called for Trump’s assassination, tweeting “it’s about time for a presidential assassination.” Her Twitter account has since been deleted and the Guardian attempted to distance itself from Rajesh claiming that she is an infrequent contributor and they could not be held responsible for comments made on social media. The paper did not say if they would sever their relationship with her.

Just prior to the election, the Los Angeles Times fired a freelance reporter who tweeted that he hoped Trump would die. Steven Borowiec, whose Twitter account has since been deleted tweeted, “I would rather see Donald Trump’s life end.”

Anti-Trump hysteria is not merely limited to assaults and death threats. A more pernicious form of mania has now taken root and is gaining traction – fake claims involving Trump supporters attacking minorities and members of the LGBT community. 

The latest incident involved a Muslim student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The unnamed student claimed that she was assaulted and robbed by two white men, one of whom wore a Trump hat. The woman claimed that the attackers ripped off her Hijab, shoved her to the ground and stole her wallet while directing racial slurs at her.

Unlike the video recorded incident in Chicago involving Mr. Wilcox, this story was quickly expedited to the mainstream media and was prominently featured by anti-Trump outlets such as the Washington Post, the New York Times and CNN

The Louisiana state branch of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (the organization that was the unindicted co-conspirator in the terror-finance trial against the Holy Land Foundation) scrambled to issue swift condemnations of the attack and Trump’s alleged “frequent use of anti-Muslim rhetoric on the campaign trail.” 

There was just one problem. The incident was completely fabricated from beginning to end with not even a kernel of truth. Lafayette police announced that that during the course of their investigation, the student admitted to fabricating the story. Her motives for lying were not announced and the police did not say whether the woman would be charged with filing a false report.

Anti-Trump agitators have also claimed that there has been a surge in suicides among transgender youth but have been unable to match their baseless accusations with verifiable statistics. Similarly, claims of homophobic attacks by Trump supporters spurred on by alleged Trump campaign rhetoric has proven to be equally groundless.

The Left often accuses the Right of stoking the flames of hatred and xenophobia but it is in fact radical Left which has become the undeniable champion of intolerance and violence. Perhaps even more odious is the fact that the myopic mainstream media, in their blind hatred of Trump, seems to have completely abandoned all standards journalistic integrity. They have also sadly partnered with the most extremist elements of society in stoking the flames of racial discord.