Leftist Trump Hater Arrested for Bomb Threats Against Jewish Community Centers

Tweets align with Left’s anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-white, anti-police agenda.

Leftists who hate Donald Trump have tried to tie the bomb threats, acts of vandalism in Jewish cemeteries and other anti-Semitic acts over the last year to President Trump and his supporters. As usual, contrary facts do not matter to leftists and their colleagues in the fake news media. 

Case in point is the individual arrested last Friday who was accused of making the widely reported multiple bomb threats against Jewish community centers across the country and sending a threat to the Anti-Defamation League in New York City. The alleged perpetrator’s name is Juan Thompson, aged 31. His evident motive was to exact revenge on his Jewish ex-girlfriend for ditching him last year. Thompson allegedly tried to blame his ex-girlfriend for the bomb threats. 

Juan Thompson does not fit the mainstream media’s fake news narrative of a rising tide of anti-Semitism and racism sweeping the country due to the supposed bigoted rhetoric of President Trump and the white supremacists who purportedly support him. In his own words, Thompson tweeted last year that he was “*reverting* to Islam.” Thompson had his own personal demons that were apparently driving him to threaten Jewish targets and pin the blame on his Jewish ex-girlfriend. And, ironically, Thompson himself had practiced his own version of fake news as a journalist for an Internet news website before he was fired last year for reportedly making up quotes and sources for fabricated stories.

Putting aside his personal background and reasons for allegedly launching his threats against the Jewish community centers and ADL, Thompson was certainly not swayed by the rhetoric of Donald Trump. Indeed, Thompson holds the same vehement anti-Trump views that the Left relishes. In one tweet, for example, Thompson wrote, “Donald Trump is the perfect example of how dumb, incompetent wealthy white ppl can fail upward.” In another tweet, Thompson was even more brutal in his criticism of Donald Trump: “#Trump is not insane. That’s a slur against ppl who actually suffer w/mental health issues. He is simply a racist/sexist/capitalist monster.”

Thompson also had no use for Donald Trump’s supporters. In January, he tweeted in response to a poll showing that 42% of Americans approved of President Trump’s job performance: “42% of Americans are filthy fascist appeasers and they should be taken out along with Trump.”

Moreover, Thompson does not fit the white supremacist profile of Trump supporters put forward by the Left and their friends in the mainstream media. To the contrary, Thompson is a black extremist, who appears to buy into the anti-white, anti-police Black Lives Matter rhetoric. “White cops are the same everywhere. They’re an evil ppl,” he tweeted last month. In another tweet, Thompson wrote, “The white media is repulsive. Provocateur is what they call white supremacists b/c, at their core, they support the agenda.”  In yet another of his prolific hate-filled anti-white tweets, he declared, “White f[******] ppl are always the victims. We’ve had 500+ years of being terorrized (sic) by your vile ilk.”

Thompson also does not fit the media’s stereotype of a right wing xenophobe who advocates closed borders and mass deportations of illegal immigrants. “You are a bigot. And no–humans are human. To hell with your borders,” he tweeted in response to someone whom had expressed what Thompson evidently considered bigoted anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Thompson is not a defender of the privileged 1 percenters. “I believe every millionaire and billionaire should be robbed of their wealth,” he tweeted. “We don’t want America like NY, we want it like Havana,” he wrote in another tweet. “Jealousy of rich ppl will get me nowhere, but an organized revolt that seizes their wealth will liberate me and you,” declared Thompson the revolutionary

Finally, Thompson does not believe in America first. In fact, his tweets evidence a hatred for America. For example, in a response to a tweet praising America’s generosity, Thompson sarcastically replied: “If by generous you mean handing out bombs, wars, rape, racism, and diseases. Then yes America is the most generous country ever.” Last November, he tweeted: “This is America. Anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-gay, greedy, white fascist. This is and has always been America.”

The day after Juan Thompson’s arrest, the NAACP issued a “Statement on the Series of Hate Crimes against the Jewish Community.” While acknowledging the arrest of the individual who allegedly had made at least some of the bomb threats, the NAACP blamed President Trump for what it called “the emergence of a new era of anti-Semitism” and for “creating the conditions necessary for such hate to thrive in America.” It apparently makes no difference to the NAACP that the alleged perpetrator of the anti-Semitic bomb threats is no Trump supporter. But he is a hater, nevertheless. Thompson hates whites, capitalists, and America, as well as Donald Trump himself.   

Moreover, there is no new era of anti-Semitism since President Trump took office, as the NAACP and others on the Left claim. Between 2009 and 2015, the period for which there is comprehensive data while Barack Obama was president, the overall number of anti-Semitic attacks exceeded 7,000 - an average of about 84 incidents a month. So far in 2017, the average number of incidents has risen to about 95 per month. This increase, less than the increase observed in parts of Europe, is evidently enough for the NAACP, its fellow leftist organizations and the anti-Trump press to create the false narrative that President Trump has precipitated a sudden surge of anti-Semitism and a huge new wave of hate crimes against Jews.

As columnist and features writer for The Jerusalem Post, Seth Frantzman, wrote earlier this month in the Algemeiner, “Where was the media in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 to highlight thousands of incidents of antisemitism? 210 physical assaults on Jews. 3,900 threats against Jews and Jewish institutions. 2,900 incidents of vandalism. 180 incidents of antisemitism on campus. Every six days, a Jewish person in America was being attacked in 2015 and it went largely ignored. On average, there were threats every day against Jews and Jewish institutions over the last eight years and most of them did not receive headlines.”

Anti-Semitism is a centuries-old phenomenon. Sadly, it is rising today, in Europe and in the United States. The Left’s attempt to politicize anti-Semitism as part of its campaign to delegitimize the Trump presidency not only does a disservice to the victims of anti-Semitic attacks. It conceals the anti-Semitism flowing out of what David Horowitz has called the unholy alliance between radical Islam and the Left.