The Left's Pro-Burqa Problem

Is it really racist to insist that Islamic women should be seen and heard?

Left-wing lock-steppers believe it’s racist to demand Islamic women not be covered from head-to-toe in burqas.  Banning the subjective Islamic garb that covers women completely, so they’re never seen nor heard, is abject discrimination.  If you think Islamic women have the right to be uncovered, and want the burqa banned, you’re an Islamophobe.

The left-wing rag Green Left defends the Islamic shrouding of women as beautifully liberating.  Their latest column titled “The Burqa: Reject the Fake ‘Feminism’ of the Right,” calls those saying no to the burqa a bunch of “right-wing” “fake feminists.”

Pro-burqa protests began when Australian artist Sergio Redegalli painted a giant mural in Sidney with the words “Say no to burqas.” Redegalli’s mural sparked outrage, activists deemed him racist for suggesting Islamic women should never be covered, rather free of clothing shrouding women, preventing them from being liberated human beings.

According to Kiraz Janicke, a left-wing activist for Sidney Socialist Alliance, Redegalli’s artwork “has no other value than to promote racism.”  To counter Redegalli’s liberation of Islamic women from oppression artwork, Janicke painted a Live Red Art pro-burqa mural titled “Burqa Revolution.”  Janicke argues that removing burqas and uncovering Islamic women hinders their liberation.

This is how leftist feminists champion women’s rights—deny them liberation.  Beating, stoning, and murdering Muslim women who attempt to remove their burqas is more an emancipation hindrance.

According to Green Left:

“Burqa revolution” is a contribution to the current debate about the burqa and the disturbing rise of anti-Muslim extremism…in Europe…around the world…[and in] …Australia…In the New South Wales Legislative Council, arch-fundamentalist Christian MLC Fred Nile has introduced a private member’s bill seeking to ban the wearing of the burqa.  This anti-Muslim extremism is a product of a sustained ideological campaign of Islamophobia by the media and mainstream politicians —not only to bolster support for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but…to scapegoat a sector of the population for the growing social problems stemming from the crisis of capitalism itself…A recurring theme of this ideological campaign to convince us that Muslims are ‘alien’ to the ‘Western way of life’ is that Islam oppresses women.  Thus we have ‘feminist’ arguments being used to justify the bloody war in Afghanistan, which has killed thousands of innocent women and children, as a mission to ‘liberate’ women, and hypocritical rhetoric about ‘defending women’s rights’ from politicians who at the same time are attacking women’s rights and services here in Australia.

1,400 years of Islamic murderous brutality is proof Islam is oppressive and deadly, not the War on Terror, which resulted from Islamic violence against the West.

Australia’s radical feminists demand the burqa not be banned, alleging that opposition to the burqa is religious racism:

Not only would banning the burqa constitute a violation of religious freedom, it is also racist because it holds only one sector of society responsible for sexism: Muslims. This false counter-position of Islam (as an oppressor of women’s rights) vs the enlightened West (as defenders of women’s rights), serves to distract from the inherent sexism of our own society.

What sexism would that be?  The West-is-oppressive argument no longer holds true.  Western women have proven they can do it all if they so choose, as noted by the latest Forbes 100 most powerful women list: female prime ministers, congresswomen, senators, vice presidential and presidential candidates; governors, parliamentary and UN members, corporate CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, leading activists – Western women have the freedom to make money and own property.  Is that the oppression leftists are talking about?

Why don’t radical feminists admit they don’t accept women’s rights to be seen or heard?  It is conservatives who believe all women—gay, straight, black, white, Jew, Gentile, Muslim—should be seen, heard, and rise to power.  Leftists claim they champion rights, yet denounce liberty as soon as it rears its head.

Janicke claims the pro-burqa mural:

…challenges the argument that banning the burqa can contribute to women’s liberation.  Liberation is not something that can be imposed, but must be won through a process of self-determination.  If you accept that the state has the right to ban the burqa, then you also accept that it has the right to force women to wear it—it’s the same logic… There is no contradiction in campaigning against attempts to ban the burqa and supporting those women who are fighting against being forced to wear it overseas.  It’s about a woman’s right to choose.

This line of reasoning lacks credibility.  Islamic women do not have agency over their lives.

Janicke admits, “Some women are obliged by social, religious or family pressures to wear a burqa or similar forms of Islamic dress,” and adds:

[S]tate intervention is not the solution.  Banning women from wearing symbolic clothing will not change their status or the underlying pressures upon them.  Real equality for women requires economic independence and the ability to make a full range of choices about the way they live their lives…Anyone who truly supports women’s rights needs to reject the fake ‘feminism’ of the right.  The best way to fight sexism, like racism, is to encourage women and oppressed minorities to fight to defend their rights through collective action.  Building the movement to stop the wars in the Middle East and to reject the sexist and racist propaganda of the politicians and media is what will in reality create a better world for women, and for all.

Many Muslim women are not allowed economic independence.  The Left is aware of this fact.  The real argument is not economic or religious freedom, rather tolerating a religion that murders Jews and Christians, two groups leftists hate. They support Islamic female subjugation in order to enforce conquest of the other two.

Supporting Islam means lock-stepping to a radical ideological political movement.  If you do not conform to the belief that Islam has the right to its extremism, you’re a racist.  If you believe Islamic women should have the right to be free from oppression and burqa containment, you’re an Islamophobe; it’s the modern Left’s ideology in a nutshell.