Letting the Anti-Semitism Genie Out of the Bottle

In the wake of the Gaza war, Jew hatred takes center stage.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2014/07/000_ARP3924221-2.jpg)Since the commencement of Operation Protective Edge, there has been a surge of anti-Semitic attacks in Western Europe. That should come as no surprise to anyone watching developments there. With rising Muslim populations and concomitant Islamic radicalism, anti-Semitism in Europe will continue to manifest itself in ever increasing lethality and numbers. The Toulouse and Brussels Museum shootings are not aberrations by crazed gunmen. These acts were calculated and are the product of a medieval society that encourages xenophobia taught within the context of religious indoctrination.

Mosques and Islamic parochial schools throughout Europe have become bastions of radicalism, where anti-Semitism and hatred of Western values are ingrained into impressionable young minds. Ironically, those who impart and perpetuate the hatred have been living off the fat of those very institutions they claim to despise.

But this is old news. European anti-Semitism in both its traditional form and its current Islamofascist manifestation is nothing new.  Many who harbor anti-Israeli feelings are honest enough to make no distinction between their hatred of the Jewish State and Jews.  Then there are those intellectually dishonest types, like Roger Waters, who claim that they only have a problem with the existence of Israel and that some of their best friends are Jewish. And then there’s the last category of naïve types, often uninformed radical leftists, who believe that animosity toward Israel and Judeophobia are mutually exclusive. For anyone ignorant enough to fall within the last category, Operation Protective Edge should dispel any lingering doubt about the true nature of anti-Israelism and its integral undercurrent of anti-Semitism.

Israel’s current counterinsurgency campaign and its efforts to protect its citizens from indiscriminate terrorist rocket attacks has inspired closet anti-Semites and other assorted judeophobes to come out of the woodwork. On Twitter, the hashtags #HitlerWasRight and #HitlerDidNothingWrong have gone viral prompting Jake Tapper of CNN to note that there’s “vile stuff out there via hashtags.”

In Morocco, the Rabbi of that nation’s tiny Jewish community was severely beaten as he was walking to his synagogue while passersby ignored his pleas for assistance. His crime? He was a Jew, which seems to be the only prerequisite.

In France, an Islamist mob tried to storm two Jewish synagogues trapping a group of worshipers for a period of time before the racist hooligans were dispersed by police. Two Jews and six policemen were hurt in the melee. The attack comes on the heels of a firebombing of a synagogue in a Paris suburb and an anti-Semitic assault on a 17-year old girl by an Arab who called her a “dirty Jewess” and threatened that, “inshallah [she] will die.” Demonstrators in another Paris suburb chanted “slaughter the Jews,” and “death to the Jews.”

In Germany, neo-Nazis and Islamists joined forces in a demonstration against Israel that turned violent. To placate the hooligans, frightened German police allowed the Nazis and Islamists to commandeer a police vehicle and utilize the vehicle’s megaphone to broadcast anti-Israel and anti-Semitic slogans.

The vitriolic bigotry that we are witnessing today is not limited to Islamist hooligans running amok in Europe but has also found its place in the highest echelons of state government. Western governments have become so inured with Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism that official state sponsored anti-Semitism emanating from the Mideast’s Arab and Islamic nations are routinely ignored. Jews are commonly referred to as the descendants of apes and pigs, the Holocaust is dismissed as a fabrication and government papers habitually display grotesque cartoonish depictions of Jews with exaggerated and contorted features and the West, with the exception of Canada and Australia, remains shamefully stoic in the face of such outrages.

But state sponsored anti-Semitism, masquerading as anti-Israelism has found comfort and haven outside the Mideast as well. In Turkey – a country governed by the narcissist thug, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – a popular pop singer tweeted “may God bless Hitler” and “bring the end of those Jews.” The tweet was greeted with support by government officials. Ankara’s mayor and senior member of the ruling Justice and Development Party, Melih Gökçek voiced support for the tweets calling them “full of intelligence,” though he had enough common sense not to retweet the reference to Hitler.

In a perverse and reviling distortion of reality, South Africa’s leading political party issued a statement that compared Israel’s efforts to combat terrorism to crimes perpetrated by the Nazis during World War II. The statement, riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and factual inaccuracies, was issued by the ANC’s deputy secretary-general, Jessie Duarte.

There is perhaps no greater form of anti-Semitism than that which denigrates the memory of the Holocaust and its six million victims while at the same time, absurdly accusing Jews of perpetrating a new Holocaust. Yet this abomination and anti-Semitic canard is routinely regurgitated among the bottom feeders and the ANC now has the dubious distinction of being added to that disgraceful club.

While Israel faces existential threats from its Arab neighbors and Judeophobia takes hold in Europe and elsewhere, the Obama administration and its cowering allies in Western Europe allow the disease of anti-Semitism to spread, fester and otherwise go unchallenged. We’ve witnessed this shameful apathetic behavior in the past and our inaction then led to the biggest calamity the world has ever known. The world looks to the United States for leadership and moral guidance but the administration’s shameful silence in the face of such evil is proof that it is pathetically devoid of both.

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